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MATCH REVIEW: Randers HK started the Women’s EHF Cup group stage with a victory against IK Sävehof in Sweden
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Randers win Scandinavian derby

Denmark’s Randers HK enjoyed a good start in Group A of the Women’s EHF Cup. In a Scandinavian derby, Ryan Zinglersen’s team beat IK Sävehof 27:21 away from home.

  • Randers maintained a lead throughout the match

  • Top scorers were Rander’s Camilla Dalby and Sävehof’s Jamina Roberts


IK Sävehof (SWE) vs Randers HK (DEN) 21:27 (11:15)

Sävehof had a slow start and were unable to score any goals before Jamina Roberts finally did so in the 6th minute. By that time, Randers had already found the net four times and looked much more confident on the court.

The hosts reduced the gap to 6:4 soon after this, and kept a two goal difference at 10:8. However, despite best efforts to catch up with their opponents, Randers enjoyed a four-goal lead at half-time (15:11).

After the break, the Danish team had the upper hand again. Sävehof’s defence could not hold the visitors back and Randers steadily increased their lead to decide the game in their favour long before the final whistle.

With seven goals each, joint top scorers were Rander’s Camilla Dalby and Sävehof’s Jamina Roberts.

"We had great respect for Sävehof, but we thought that they would get tired in the end, playing so few players as they did. We have conceded not more than 21 goals in our last three games and that is the key to success for us," Rander's coach Ryan Zinglersen said.
Rander's goalkeeper Cecile Greve, who affected the outcome of the game by saving 13 of 24 shots in the first half, commented: "I have seen some of their players and played against some in the youth national team. Of course, as a goalkeeper, you like to have some control."
"It was really a bad game for us and it's hard to say why. We lacked energy, guts, will, timing and communication. We really have some things to work with," Sävehof's coach Henrik Signell said.

TEXT: Sergey Nikolaev/kc