Main round berth at stake in Esbjerg; main round points in LarvikArticle
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GROUP D PREVIEW: While Larvik and RK Krim Mercator are both ready for the main round, but are still playing for main round points, Team Esbjerg and IK Sävehof are deciding the last main round berth between them on the last match day

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Main round berth at stake in Esbjerg; main round points in Larvik

Round 6 should have plenty of action in store as team's fight for the last remaining main round spots or shuffle for a better position in that round.

•    Larvik and Krim are both qualified for the main round, but both teams are still striving to get as many points as possible with them to the main round
•    A draw against Sävehof will do for Esbjerg, while Sävehof need a win to reach the main round
•    Krim are chasing their first away points this Champions League season
•    Esbjerg are chasing their first win in four Champions League matches

Larvik (NOR) vs RK Krim Mercator (SLO) 

Saturday 19 November 19:15 local time, live on

With their 38:32 win away against Sävehof last weekend, Larvik qualified for the main round, while Krim reached the same goal through their 27:22 win at home against Esbjerg.

This does not mean that nothing is at stake in the Boligmappa Arena in Larvik Saturday night, though.

Not only is the first place in the group at stake.

Both teams are also fighting to take as many points as possible with them to the main round.

In case of a win, Larvik will take either four or six points with them to the main round, depending on the result of the Sunday match between Esbjerg and Sävehof.

Krim are sure to take at least four points with them, as they have a win and a defeat against both Esbjerg and Sävehof, and the Sunday game is therefore of no significance to the Slovenian team who will increase their amount of main round points to six, if they can win in Larvik.

The question of being best internally is also to be decided.

As Krim defeated Larvik 24:22 in the first meeting between the two teams, a Larvik win of at least three goals will make the Norwegian record champions best internally.

Team Esbjerg (DEN) vs IK Sävehof (SWE) 

Sunday 20 November, 15:00 local time, live on

The situation is very simple in Blue Water Dokken in Esbjerg, where the last main round ticket from the group as at stake.

A draw or a win for Esbjerg will send the Danish Champions League debutants to the main round, while Sävehof can only qualify through a win.

Both teams are on four points before the match, and as Esbjerg won the first match 25:20, the Danish champions can do with a draw to reach the next stage.

“However, it is difficult – to say the least – to go for a draw in handball, so we obviously go one hundred per cent for a win,” Esbjerg coach Lars Frederiksen says.

Esbjerg have lost their three latest group matches, but this does not worry their coach much.

“To us as Champions League debutants, it is awesome that we have the chance to reach the main round and that we have our destiny in our own hands.

“We need to get back to the level we displayed in our away match against Sävehof. I am sure that will give us the win we need,” expects Lars Frederiksen.

For Sävehof, it will be the first time in four years they do not reach the main round if they fail this round.

“Of course, it will be a huge disappointment to us, if we do not reach the main round, as I think we have the team to do well there.

“However, I believe we have what it takes to win in Esbjerg, although it will obviously be tough,” says Sävehof coach Henrik Signell.

TEXT: Peter Brunn / bc