One great half enough for Krim's second win in successionArticle
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GROUP D REVIEW: After an amazing first 30 minutes, Krim found themselves sweating at the end of the second having left a 10-goal lead slip

One great half enough for Krim's second win in succession

A brilliant comeback in the second half was not enough for IK Sävehof who caught up with eight of RK Krim Mercator’s 10 goal lead from half-time.

  • The win was Krim’s third in five matches against Sävehof
  • Krim are still undefeated against Sävehof, as the remaining two matches have been draws
  • Aneta Benko from Krim and Jamina Roberts from Sävehof scored eight goals each


RK Krim Mercator (SLO) vs IK Sävehof (SWE) 32:29 (20:10)

The match in Ljubljana seemed to be decided already at half-time, as Krim were leading by 10 goals.

In the second half, however, Sävehof managed to catch up with no less than eight of the 10 goals they were down, but in the end, it was not enough to prevent the Krim win.

Krim totally dominating

Krim were totally in control from the start, leading 3:0 before Sävehof managed to score their first goal after five minutes and 14 seconds.

The rest of the first half turned out even worse for the visitors, and two timeouts called by their head coach Henrik Signell did not help either.

Krim were completely dominating and had their first 10 goal lead at 18:8 before taking another 10 goal lead with them to half-time.

Impressive Sävehof comeback

Still, Sävehof managed to make an impressive comeback in the second half, where it only took them eight minutes to catch up with half of the 10-goal deficit at the score 22:17.

Sävehof also manage to reduce the distance to 23:19 a few minutes later, but as Krim went seven goals up again at 26:19, the matter seemed to be decided.

However, Sävehof proved able to make another comeback, this time reducing the deficit to only two goals, but Louise Sand’s goal making it 31:29 with less than one minute left came too late, and Krim could celebrate their second home win in succession.

Post-match comments

Henrik Signell, head coach of IK Sävehof: "We are not happy about our game in the first half. We knew how they played in attack and we knew we needed to be careful but we weren't."

Uros Bregar, head coach of Krim: "The first half was really great, but in the changing room I told them that they are a team which never gives up. They got too close to us in the end, that wasn't great from our side."

TEXT: Peter Brunn / bc