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GROUP C REVIEW: Tatran Presov claimed an important win against Chekhov to stay in the race in group C.

Presov back in race after Chekhov win

Tatran Presov claimed the important win against Chekhov to stay in the race in group C.

  • TATRAN Presov moved from the bottom of the group after today’s win.
  • Goals from the wings and fast breaks were significant for Presov from Jakub Hrstka and Tomas Cip
  • Chekhov are on a negative streak with two back-to-back away defeats
  • Alexey Peskov scored 5 goals against his former club
  • Chekhov improved after the break, but Presov held onto the lead


TATRAN Presov (SVK) vs Chekhovskie Medvedi (RUS) 30:28, 17:11

The Slovakian Champions beat Chekhovskie Medvedi 30:28 in what can easily be described as a crucial match for them. Chekhov are level on four points. Presov already matched their previous VELUX EHF Champions League performance in 2015/2016with two wins.

Factor Hrstka

Jakub Hrstka, the Czech left winger added one more than last season, when he scored eight in the win against Chekhov. This time Hrstka fired in five of nine opening goals as the Slovakian side quickly build on a lead, which they handled on until the end of the game.

High efficiency

Czech wingers, Tomas Cip and Jakub Hrstka provided a fine portion of goals and when traditional scorer from back court Oliver Rabek joined with 7 in total, Presov were on 17 goals at half time with 61% attack efficiency compared to 37% of Chekhov. Igor Chupryna helped the team in the back and suddenly a six goals lead at half time was promising., even with two seven metres throws missed.

Second half curse

Presov were traditionally strong in the first halves of their respective matches in group C. However second halves have been weaker. Although they again lost the second half 13:17, it was enough to record so much needed win.  

Back in the race

A year ago, Presov were waiting for their first win in the group phase until the match against Chekhov in round 5. Almost exactly a year later and a second win in the group, against Chekhov again, means they can realistically challenge the top teams in the group.

Said after the game:

Rastislav Trtik, coach of TATRAN Presov: “I am very happy about the victory and especially the first half performance of our team. We played in a disciplined way in the opening phase of the game. We kept the tactics and managed to fulfil everything we wanted to play on the court before the match. The second half was a bit worse. In the first 10 minutes we lost our concentration. We made stupid and easy mistakes in defence. We were not patient in the attack. That is why Medvedi reduced the score to two goal difference, because they managed to use our mistakes and score on counter attacks. Fortunately we managed to concentrate in the very end of the game, stabilize our display and keep two goal difference until the end.”

Roman Ostashchenko, left wing of Chekhovskie Medvedi: “The beginning of the game was really disastrous for us. We underestimated our rivals. We played a bad first half. We were not able to score goals from different positions. In the second half, we began to play better and managed to reduce the goal difference. But, overall we did not fulfil our objectives in the game today.”

TEXT: Tomas Cuncik/tm