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ROUND REVIEW: A big win for Swiss team Rotweiss Thun on the first match day of the Women’s Challenge Cup all but secured them a spot in the following round.
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Rotweiss Thun closes in on next round

Rotweiss Thun played at home against ASD Ariosto Pallamano Ferrara, and it probably takes longer to pronounce the name of the Italian side than it took Thun to decide the match.

After 15:8 at half-time, the Swiss team claimed a 34:17 win, which should be more than enough to reach the next round.

Helvetia BM Alcobendas are also heading for the third round after winning as clearly as 23:17 in Macedonia against ZRK Kumanova.

The Spanish team should be able to finish the job at home on Saturday.

The first weekend in the Women’s Challenge Cup only contained three matches.

In the third game, CS Madeira positioned themselves for a place in the next round as the Portuguese side won 36:34 in Austria against SSV Dornbirn Schoren.

Next weekend, a double-header between ZRK Ilidza from Bosnia and Zagnosspor from Turkey will be added to the second leg of the three ties that started this weekend.

TEXT: Peter Bruun / ew