I am best under pressure, says Nora MørkArticle
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INTERVIEW: Norwegian star Nora Mørk speaks about her transfer from Larvik to Györ and about the upcoming Women's EHF Champions League.

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I am best under pressure, says Nora Mørk

It was not the first time, Nora Mørk ventured for a foreign career, when she signed the contract with Györi Audi ETO KC ahead of this season.

The Norwegian international has been abroad before, but that was in a neighbour country, and it was only for a short time, so her two foreign adventures are hard to compare.

In 2007, a very young Nora Mørk played in Danish Aalborg DH, but in the meantime, she has spent seven years with the Norwegian powerhouse Larvik before joining Györ this summer.

She admits that it was a big decision to leave and a just as big step to go to Hungary.

“It was extremely sad to leave Larvik after so many years.

“At the same time, however, it was necessary for my continuous development as a handball player and as a person.

“The first time in Györ has been very interesting. I feel I have been well integrated in the team already, and I am looking forward to the time that comes,” Nora Mørk tells ehfCL.com.

“The biggest difference here has been the language, but fortunately, most communication in the team is in English, so I understand most of what is being said.

“Another difference is the fact that we train more together than we did in Larvik, as the physical training is done in common here. We did that on a more individual basis in Larvik,” she explains.

Huge expectations are fine

One thing, on which all EHF experts have been able to agree, is that Györ's signing of Nora Mørk is the most significant signing in the Champions League ahead of this season, and many experts expect her to be the deciding difference which means that Györ will win the Champions League this season.

25-year-old Mørk is fine with those expectations.

“I like it when people have huge expectations in me. I feel that I am best under pressure. However, I also know that no one has higher expectations in me and that no one demands more of me than myself.

“I would really like to be the difference that makes Györ favourites to win the Champions League. That is just cool, but only time can show, if it is actually going to happen!” says the hard-shooting right back.

As many handball fans will still remember, Györ finished as runners-up in the Champions League last season, losing 29:26 to CSM Bucuresti after penalty shooting in the final of the Women's EHF FINAL4 in the Papp László Arena in Budapest.

In their attempt to climb the highest step of the podium like in 2013 and 2014, Györ will get it the hard way even from the start of this season´s Champions League.

In their group matches, Nora Mørk and her teammates will not only get the chance for a revenge against CSM.

They will also be facing reinforced Russian powerhouse Rostov-Don as well as Danish runners-up FC Midtjylland in their effort to go on in the tournament.

“This was definitely the toughest group we could get.

“At first, however, it is all about proceeding from the Group Matches, and I am sure we will make that.

“We have a strong home ground, and we should be able to benefit from that, while we also have an experienced team with many really strong players,” says the experienced Norwegian international who has won the Champions League once before.

In the 2010/11 season, she went all the way with Larvik, and she makes no secret of the fact that she would very much like to copy that triumph with her new team.

“Champions League is extremely big, and it was a dream that came true in 2011! It would mean everything to me to win the Champions League again. That is my big motivation in my daily life,” says Nora Mørk.

Photo: Courtesy of Györi Audi ETO KC

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