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INTERVIEW: After a massive season for the 21-year-old right back - including winning the Russian championship and Olympic gold - Anna Vyakhireva sat down with ehfcl.com to discuss last season and her move to Rostov-Don

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Vyakhireva: "I’m always looking for my maximum"

At the age of 21, Anna Vyakhireva has numerous successes, which place her among the best handball players in the world. Last season was glamorous for the Russian national team player as she was the key player of Astrahanochka and led the team to the championship title in Russia. However, Vyakhireva didn’t stop there as during the summer she achieved the biggest success in the career becoming the MVP at the Olympic Games in Rio where Russia finished with gold.

The start of the new season brought new challenges for her as she joined the squad of Jan Leslie in Rostov-Don. After six consecutive victories in the Russian championship, Vyakhireva hopes that her team will carry their winning run into the Champions league too.

Below read the interview of ehfcl.com in which Vyakhireva speaks about the secret to her success, the transfer to Rostov and much more.

ehfcl.com: Russia were unbeatable at the Olympics and you were awarded MVP at this event. What does this mean for you?

Vyakhireva: For me it is only important that we won the gold medal because this is something that Russia waited for so many years. Everything else we compare to this achievement is symbolic and definitely comes in second.

In the previous season you were the key player in Astrahanochka and you brought this team to the Russian championship. What was the key to success?

With Astrahanochka we did well last season and I’m very happy that we won the champions title. I believe that the main reason for this huge achievement is the fact that our team was physically prepared well and this was crucial in the decisive games of the championship.

Both of your successes this year (with the national team and club) were with Evgeny Trefilov in the main role. Can you tell us what makes him different than the other coaches you have worked with?

There is simply no doubt that Trefilov is a great coach and his achievements only confirm this. The specific thing about him is the way he conducts the training process. He usually arrives with a notebook and has planned everything and then suddenly in just one moment he dramatically changes the training plan.

Why did you choose to move to Rostov-Don and how do you like the team roster?

I had offers from several clubs but the Russian runners-up wanted me in their squad so I simply decided to choose them over the other teams.

I think that we have a great team and we have very a good chance to be successful in the new season. But we must follow the most important thing that will lead us to big achievements and this is playing like a team.

You are able to play in several positions. In which position do you feel most comfortable?

Yes, I can play in several positions but I feel that I can give more of myself when I’m playing in the right back position. This position gives me more opportunities and that is why I prefer this one to the others.

With so many new players in Rostov-Don the team doesn’t have much time to prepare for the matches in the Champions League. Do you think that this can be an obstacle?

We haven’t played together a lot and this might be a weakness in the group matches. But yet I think it is easier to play during the group matches and even if we are not good we will have the opportunity to correct our mistakes; this cannot be a case in the decisive matches.

That’s why I hope we will use the group matches to find our game and then it will be easier for us to face the challenges in the Main Round.

How do you see the competition in your Champions League group?

We have a very tough group because all of our opponents are very good. But I’m always looking for my maximum and my goals are always the highest and that is why I only want to achieve the greatest possible.

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