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GROUP C REVIEW: Elverum handball were off to a very motivated start against Medvedi as Michael Apelgren did not hesitate to present his team with brave tactics at home, but they were left denied by an improved Chekhov defence after break

Chekhov and Elverum ends in stalemate

In Round 2's final Group C tie, the Russian champions Chekhovskie Medvedi came out in the second half with an improved performance to leave Elverum with a point.

• First ever European encounter between these teams ended in a draw.
• Norwegian side takes their first point in the new season
• Both teams are without a win after two rounds
• Elverum are bottom of the table with one point
• Tamas Ivancsik leads the score sheet with eight goals as he proves his price after arriving from Baia Mare


Elverum Handball (NOR) vs Chekhovskie Medvedi (RUS) 28:28 (13:11)

Despite a short unexpected delay due to a fire alarm, both teams came out concentrated. Elverum were hungry for points following a close defeat to Metalurg whilst Chekhov were frustrated by losing points against La Rioja. A draw means that both teams are without a win this season in the Champions League Group Phase so far.

Attacking variety

Elverum were on top of their game in the first half, having the edge over their Russian opponent. Petter Överby was on fire with six goals, as Elverum linked up with the line player well. Adding to that support, two very productive wings in Tamas Ivancsik and Andre Lindboe were able to pose threats.

Ups and downs

Same as in their first match at home against La Rioja, the Bears from Chekhov had good moments followed by worse phases during the game. Chekhov captain Dmitry Kovalev held the flag high with six goals. A strong defensive performance from Chekhov after break kept them in the contest, and this proved to be crucial in the final minutes of the game.

Second Chekhov draw

There was plenty of drama today in Norway. Apelgren’s tactical plan worked, however, Vladimir Maximov replied with improved defence in second half. Erik Toft had a chance to decide the game four seconds before the end but missed. It was a game of ups and downs but in the end a draw was a fair result.

TEXT: Tomas Cuncik / bc