Over 5,000 tickets sold for 2017 on the first dayArticle
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NEWS REPORT: People were rushing to the ticket office right after the arena gates had been opened.

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Over 5,000 tickets sold for 2017 on the first day

Almost four hours before the first throw-off of the VELUX EHF FINAL4 2016 the official ticket sale for 2017 event started and it virtually in no time after the gates of the LANXESS arena had been opened, the 20 m queue was created in front of the ticket office.

As in previous years all current ticket holders have the unique opportunity on both playing days to secure their tickets for 2017 matches. To purchase a ticket, buyers must present a valid VELUX EHF FINAL4 2016 ticket at the ticket shop and purchases are limited to a maximum of four tickets per person.

Before the semi-final day was gone 5,100 tickets have been sold.

That is two days before the official sale starts on Monday at 9:00 hrs in the online ticket shop on www.ehfFINAL4.com.

Andrea from Veszprém is here in Cologne for the third time in a row. “If my team doesn’t qualify next year, I do not see it as a problem. Our city has become that crazy of handball in the meanwhile that no matter which teams will participate next year it will be no problem to find a replacement for me, even if I could not come.”

Her fellow-countryman Andras is determined to be in Cologne next year as well: “I love handball and this great event became a spotlight in my calendar.”

In the queue next to them Corinna Anton and her friends showed up in the reigning German cup winner shirts from Magdeburg.

“We have qualified for the seventh time already – as fans for sure, not as a club unfortunately. But this doesn’t matter at all. We still can cheer for our former players.”

Even more experienced is the five-person group around Michael from Kiel: “In 2017 we will be here in Cologne for the eighth time. We don’t care if THW will show up here next year. We also secured our 2016 tickets last year here at the event – and at that very moment I personally had some doubts that Kiel might not qualify.”

Martina and Sabine, THW supporters from Schleswig-Holstein, get to the heart of the event: “It is the event itself and all the things around why we are here actually. And we will be next year for the fifth time already.”

The weekend sales continue on Sunday. Tickets can be bought at both the Ticketshops 1 and 2 outside the arena.

TEXT: EHF / Iris Magerl