We have everything to finally conquer the throneArticle
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BLOG: Laszlo Nagy believes the bumpy ride even helped Veszprém to overcome every difficulty to seal a place in Cologne and once again fight for the title.

We have everything to finally conquer the throne

Hi everyone,

How have you been doing? I hope you had lots of fun this season just like we did.

It’s been a great season so far for Veszprém and for me personally, too. We are in the VELUX EHF FINAL4 for the third consecutive season, which is huge considering the prestigious list of top clubs who will watch the epic final episode of the season on tv.

I am extremely happy to have the chance to play in the LANXESS arena once again.

Obviously we had ups and downs this season. We had considerable problems in the beginning of the season but after the turbulent start we picked up pace quickly and showed our doubters that whatever happened we were still a top team.

It took us time to regain confidence but I think in the end we deservedly booked our place in Cologne.

As for the ups and downs, the worst experience of the season was our one-goal defeat away at Kiel. Not that it’s something to be ashamed of but the way the game went the victory was in our hands but Kiel showed once again that losing even a little drop of concentration could prove fatal in their arena.

Two minutes from the end they were trailing us by two goals but managed to turn the game around. I won’t lie to you: I was really upset after that defeat.

However, it is not difficult to pick my favourite game from this season: our victory against PSG was a pretty impressive one. The way we defended against our fellow FINAL4 participants in November was something to build confidence upon but it doesn’t mean that we will beat them with ease every time we meet.

One more thought about PSG. Most people think they are heavy favourites to beat Kielce in the semi-final but I disagree. I think it’s 50-50 and I really want to see how the French superstars deal with the massive defence of the Polish team. After all they say you win a battle with offence but it’s the defence that wins the war.

But we will only be viewers there. I am obviously more concerned about our semi-final against our arch-rivals, THW Kiel. It seems we just can’t get out of each other’s way as this year’s edition will be the third consecutive time we face them in the FINAL4 but these clashes never get boring, am I right? Kiel have gone through some important changes this year but the way they eliminated Barcelona in the quarter-final proved just how strong they are.

The FINAL4 is a great show and you have to get used to the atmosphere to achieve success in Cologne. I think this year we have the necessary experience, too and we will also arrive at the LANXESS arena with warm muscles as Szeged made us work extremely hard for the Hungarian title, which we won only seven days prior to the FINAL4.

Is this going to be the year Veszprém finally conquer the throne? Fans keep asking me this but how can you guarantee success when you face the best of the elite tournament? Needless to say we will obviously give our all for the title but so will the other three teams.

Let the best win, I say!

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed giving my post a read.

Take care!



TEXT: Laszlo Nagy, MVM Veszprem right back