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NEWS REPORT: The Women's EHF FINAL4 is a spectacle not only of the best handball but also of brilliant entertainment.

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Breathtaking opening shows in Budapest

It is "lights off and spot on" fifteen minutes ahead of each game – so make you sure you are seated on time – with each of the four games having its very own opening show.

The first dynamic opening ceremony is built around fusion: dancers of the classical and the hip-hop world find themselves in a battle for a mystical ball which is the manifestation of a handball.

Two of Hungary’s most renowned dance crews, Quantum XXL and the Ballet of Győr, are surrounded by breathtaking visuals on court throughout the entire show.

Although they are great individually, eventually both teams realise it is much easier to reach their goal if they fuse.

Team spirit and dreams becoming reality

The second show follows the concept of team spirit. The Ballet of Győr performs its own choreography to the movie soundtrack of ’The Dark Knight Rises’, with astonishing style and movements on stage.

Keeping in mind how youth education and fostering is important in handball, the third show presents a little girl who is dreaming about becoming a professional handball player and playing in the EHF FINAL4. While we see her dreams, close to 200 kids join her on the floor. In the end we see that if you have courage, your dreams come true.

The final show will set an electrifying mood for the final game. Accompanied by acrobats and break-dancers, Quantum XXL fills the arena with its wellknown style, marked with humour, creativity and today’s hit songs.

During the breaks fans should prepare themselves for a world of entertainment like they have never experienced before. There will be interactive games and many giveaways – some will be handed over by acrobats hanging nine metres high, some will come out flying from a double-barelled T-shirt gun.

The audience can also follow everything that is happening on the giant LED cube that hangs above the court and if they are lucky, they will appear on it as well.

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