Györ march to Budapest after impressive show of forceArticle
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QUARTER-FINAL REPORT: FTC failed to put up a fight after a heavy home defeat and suffered an even heavier one as Györ send a massive message to their fellow FINAL4 participants

Györ march to Budapest after impressive show of force

Györi Audi ETO KC eliminated Ferencváros with a 30 goal aggregate margin and make their way to the Women’s EHF FINAL4.

Györ did not have any weak links and FTC quickly surrendered.

Györi Audi ETO KC (HUN) vs FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria (HUN) 40:23 (22:10)

FTC started with the level of determination Gabor Elek promised, but much to the delight of the sold-out Audi arena Györ soon took control of the game.

Having beaten FTC by 13 goals away one might have expected Ambros Martin’s team to lay back a little but this wasn’t the case.

Unfortunately for FTC, Györ were just as sharp as they were in the first leg and Elek had to take his first timeout int he 9th minute.

Then six minutes later when his team was 13:4 down and Ferencváros were falling to pieces under the enermous pressure from Györ.

Heidi Loke was particularly brilliant in the first half, the Norwegian machine spectacularly dived for a way too long Kari Aalvik Grimsbø pass to tip it to the net.

Surely a contender for Goal of the Week.

Györ did not have a weak link at all and extended the lead to double digits as early as the 17th minute.

Szandra Zacsik and Dora Hornyak’s efforts were rare occasions while the returning Anita Görbicz scored her first goals from open play since November and ETO continued the brutal show of force against their domestic rivals.

Györ never let FTC catch a breath and this time not only their defence, but their attacks were outstanding as well.

Yvette Broch proved she can offer much more than rock-solid defending, Aniko Kovacsics had yet another great game against their to-be teammates and Eduarda Amorim was a force at both ends of the court.

The margin kept growing as both teams started to field their youngsters, but the important questions had long been answered by then.

Györ put up a magnificent performance and arrive in Budapest in very good shape.

"The best way to show your respect to an opponent is by giving your all and we did just that.

"We are full of confidence and we need to keep this level. I don’t know where our limits are but we will find out very soon. It’s important to keep working,” claimed Ambros Martin.

"We hope to get back to the form our loyal fans deserve from us.

"Györ were just too strong for us but I believe any team in the world would have suffered a defeat today” said Gabor Elek after the heavy defeat.

"We still have some things to adjust so I think there is always room for improvement.

"We played two very good matches against Ferencváros, but the FINAL4 will be a different challenge,” said Nycke Groot.

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