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INTERVIEW: Majda Mehmedovic talks about her leaving Buducnost after 11 years for a new experience abroad in Romania.

Mehmedovic: "Goodbye for now"

Left wing Majda Mehmedovic is coming to the end of her final season after eleven years in Buducnost’s jersey for now. As she signed a two-year contract, Mehmedovic will join Romanian side CSM Bucuresti next summer.

Before she leaves, she will try to end her spell with Buducnost in style – by retaining the Women's EHF Champions League title.

Mehmedovic, who was recently nominated for the All-star team 2015/16, is together with her teammates one step away from eliminating HCM Baia Mare and from going to the Women's EHF FINAL4 again, after a first leg win in Romania by 29:24. Did you expect your convincing victory in the first match against HCM Baia Mare?

Majda Mehmedovic: We prepared a long time for them and we did well. Baia Mare is a team full of good individuals and we knew that it would not be easy to play on such a hot arena, but we achieved our goal and returned home with a victory. In your opinion, what caused some downs of your team in the first 20 minutes of the second half, when Baia Mare came back from 10:18 to a just one-goal deficit at 24:25?

Majda Mehmedovic: I think the reason was that we have not played together for some time because of the national teams. And it’s always difficult to play the first game. But, of course, we quickly were back on track and finished the game as we wanted. How are you preparing for the second match in which almost everyone expects your victory and passage to the Women's EHF FINAL4?

Majda Mehmedovic: I think right from the start of the game we have to show our opponents where they belong and that they have nothing to look for in Moraca hall. We play at home and, of course, defence will decide the game. Not counting the domestic championship, Sunday’s match against Baia Mare will be the last for you in Moraca hall in front of home fans. How will you feel about that?

Majda Mehmedovic: Surely there will be special emotions. It’s not easy, but I do not want to think about it. I believe that emotions will overwhelm me after the game. I will focus to play the best I can, I'm sure I will make it. All season I knew I would leave, but it didn’t disturb me. Are you going to say goodbye to the fans forever?

Majda Mehmedovic: It’s just a goodbye for now, I will see them in two to three years, when I will fulfill some plans. It was not easy to come up with this decision. It is difficult, no one has what I have in Buducnost. The whole Buducnost story is amazing and only Buducnost is in my heart. It is certain that you would like to leave the club with the Women's EHF Champions League title. What are the chances of Buducnost to defend the throne?

Majda Mehmedovic: It would be the nicest thing and it is definitely possible. I hope that we will succeed in doing so. The dream of every athlete is to be crowned with a medal for all their work and dedication. Are you leaving Buducnost because of better financial conditions with CSM Bucuresti?

Majda Mehmedovic: No, of course not. It is simply my wish and a plan for the future that I had a few years ago. It's time to fulfill them. I had offers in the past few years, but I was not ready for that step, yet.

In May I will be 26 years old and this is the right age to go. Again, the reason is not the money, because I love to play, handball is in my blood. Therefore, it is a challenge for you?

Majda Mehmedovic: That’s right. I am in Buducnost, in Podgorica, since 2005, with almost the same team and I am eager for a change. I want to see what it's like to be a foreigner in a team. I simply want to check myself - if I'm ready for new challenges.

Podgorica is certainly my home, even though I'm from Bar. My family and friends are close to me and the next season all of them will be far away. That will be the first time you will live abroad. Is there any fear?

Majda Mehmedovic: I have a little fear, but I think I'll have no problem fitting in. I am communicative and I think I will be accepted well by my new teammates. Of course, it will be difficult, it’s the first time I am separated from my home, my family, and I will be alone. But this is what I wanted. A new battle. In all these years in Buducnost there were more good than bad times. But what would you rather forget and what will you always remember?

Majda Mehmedovic: What I will never forget is the trachea injury ahead of the Champions League Final in 2012. I was close to dying then. I will remember all the medals that are priceless to me, this is my identity card to open some new dreams.

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