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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The former player of Bursa Nilüfer criticised, insulted and threatened an EHF refereee after a Challenge Cup match vs Wacker Thun.

Court of Handball fines Malencic

The EHF Court of Handball has rendered a decision in the case against the player Nenad Malencic.
After the completion of the first leg match of the 2015/16 Men’s Challenge Cup Round 3: Wacker Thun (SUI) vs. Bursa Nilüfer (TUR) which took place on 21 November 2015, the player sent private messages via a social network to one of the EHF referee of the match.

In these messages, the player criticised the performance of the referee, insulted and threatened him.
The Court finds that such behaviour constitutes a violation of the principle of fair play and sportsmanlike conduct to be displayed, before, during and after a match. The Court explained in substance that:
“The player had the obligation to adopt a sportsmanlike and respectful conduct towards the referee of the match. The attitude displayed is directly linked to the Match and the status of both persons (i.e. player and referee).

"In this respect, the EHF Court of Handball wishes to underline that fair play and its components, such as a sportsmanlike and respectful attitude to adopt towards EHF officials, constitutes a core obligation having to be complied with on and off the playing court, regardless the mean of communication used (e.g. private messengers, text messages), as well as any spatial (e.g. location from where the behaviour is displayed) and/or temporal condition (e.g. before, during and after a match).”
Hence, and in accordance with Article B.3 of the List of Penalties, the Court of Handball has decided to impose a fine of €500 on the player and one match suspension for improper, menacing and intimidating conduct towards an EHF referee.
Regarding the match suspension, the Court took into consideration mitigating circumstances, such as the fact that the player apologised as well as the fact that his behaviour triggered the termination of his employment contract in agreement with the club Bursa Nilüfer, to impose the match suspension on a suspended basis with a probation period of one year.
The decision may be appealed to the EHF Court of Appeal within 7 days.

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