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FEATURE: Tamara Mavsar will complete a move to Skopje this summer after 11 years with her club; Mavsar is eager for new challenges with the Macedonian powerhouse

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Krim captain agrees to Vardar move

Vardar will boast a formidable roster come next season, as Tamara Mavsar joins Itana Grbic and Camilla Herrem on the left wing,

Alongside Camilla Herrem and Alexandra Lacrabere, the RK Krim captain is the latest addition to the highly ambitious Macedonian powerhouse, expected to undergo reconstruction this summer.

Moreover, the reports are mounting of several other world-class names being linked with a move to the Vardar in the following months.

In turn, Siraba Dembele is playing her last season for Vardar.

The French left winger is Rostov-bound for the 2016/17 season, to make way for Herrem and Mavsar.

“In the last two seasons I had the opportunity to captain the best club in Slovenia.

It was a great challenge and a wonderful experience, but now it is time for something new,” said Mavsar for

“I will always be grateful to Krim for everything they have given me.

“Of course, it is never easy to leave home, but it has been a great desire of mine to test my talent abroad,” said Mavsar, who has endeared herself to the club’s most faithful, ever since making her Women’s EHF Champions League debut in 2008, at the ripe old age of 17.

Balkan connection

Since then, the now 24-year-old has scored more than 2,400 goals for the club, netting 305 times in the Women’s EHF Champions League.

Her dedication, tenaciousness and work ethic have also earned her the captain’s armband for both her club the Slovenian national team.

But leaving home was never easy for the Ljubljana-born, especially as Mavsar has achieved a legend-like status at Krim during her 11 seasons with the club.

The seven-time Slovenian league and cup champion Tamara, has become one of the most recognisable faces at Stozice-based club, and a symbol of the new generation of Slovenian women’s handball.

However, despite being a newcomer at Vardar, Mavsar will find herself feeling very much at home in the Jane Sandanski Arena.

Her old Krim teammates Barbara Lazovic, Andrea Penezic as well as Andrea Lekic and Sanja Damnjanovic have become integral to this Vardar team, while the prominent Balkan temperament would be a very natural transition for the Slovenian.

“I will probably need a bit of help in the initial period, to get used to the way they play at Vardar.

“But I have to mention, I have played many matches together with Barbi (Barbara Lazovic) and Penka (Andrea Penezic) at Krim, so I feel comfortable already.

“After all, it’s a club from the Balkan region, so it should be a lot easier to adapt to than to a Scandinavian side, for instance.  

“I think I will get used to everything very quickly,” said Mavsar, before pointing out that her heart will always stay with Krim.

“Krim will always be in my heart. I will continue to follow the club very closely, keeping my fingers crossed for them in every game.

“My greatest desire is to return someday, maybe even in two years time,” said Vardar-bound Mavsar.

TEXT: Nemanja Savic / bc