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Handball fans can follow selected action live from the men's and women's competitions

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Live streaming from European Youth Olympic Festival 2015

Europe’s top men’s and women’s under 17 national teams are currently playing in the European Youth Olympic Festival 2015 in the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

The men’s event comprises teams from Hungary, Denmark, Norway and Germany, France, Switzerland, Slovenia and Georgia, whilst Denmark, Norway, Germany and Montenegro, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania and Georgia play in the women’s event.

The latest results can be found on the website (men / women) and all matches can be followed via live ticker.

The event can be followed on live stream via the event's official website with handball scheduled to be shown at the following times:

Date Local Time (GMT +4) Event
29.07.2015 16.00–17.40 HANDBALL
31.07.2015 18.00–19.40 HANDBALL
01.08.2015 14.00–15.45 HANDBALL
01.08.2015 16.15–18.00 HANDBALL
01.08.2015 20.00–22.00 CLOSING CEREMONY





Selected matches are also available via the YouTube channel of the Georgian Handball Federation.

The handball event will wrap up in a few days’ time with semi-finals to be played on 31 July and finals on 1 August 2015.

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