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INTERVIEW: Polish line player leaves his first and only club so far Orlen Wisla Plock to join the 2014/15 VELUX EHF Champions League winners

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Syprzak joins legendary FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona put an end to the rumours about Kamil Syprzak’s new club and confirmed on their website on Tuesday that they have signed him for next season. Syprzak, who played for Orlen Wisla Plock since the start of his handball career, will join alongside Marko Kopljar to reinforce the squad of the current VELUX EHF Champions League winners.

The 23-year-old is the second Polish-born player after Bogdan Wenta to join the legendary club. Standing 207cm tall and weighing 115kg, the line player has great physical presence and is looking forward to develop his skills in Barcelona. After winning bronze at the World Championship in Qatar and good performances in the past two seasons, Syprzak has a lot of confidence and is hungry for more titles with his new club, which he reveals to Kamil, congratulations on your new contract. How many years will you stay in Barcelona?

Kamil Syprzak: Thank you very much. I am very happy and excited to join such a great team. My contract will be binding for four years. FC Barcelona is a great team indeed, but you will have to compete with two experienced pivots too. Are you not afraid of this fact?

Kamil Syprzak: I’m fully aware of the competition in the team. But it only makes me more focused on the goals with my future team. Moreover, I'm a professional handball player – the company of experienced players such as Cedric Sorhaindo and Jesper Noddesbo will surely make me work harder. I like facing challenges. You were born in Plock and you have spent your whole career at Orlen Wisla Plock. Will you not regret the decision you made?

Kamil Syprzak: I’m of the opinion that there is a time for everything in one’s life. I owe my ex-club a lot, but I think the time for a change has come. I just feel the need to go further and develop myself. My ambition is to achieve the highest goals in professional handball and I'm very happy I'll be a part of this legendary team. Have you had any other offers from other clubs?

Kamil Syprzak: Yes, of course. I’m lucky that my past two season were very good and I really can’t complain about not having had enough offers from other domestic and foreign clubs. Could you now reveal what clubs were interested in having you in their teams?

Kamil Syprzak: Well, all I can say is that three out of the four VELUX EHF FINAL4 participants offered me good contracts.

FCB Handbol: Marko Kopljar i Kamil Syprzak... von fcbarcelona Why did you chose Barcelona in the end?

Kamil Syprzak: I think the answer is quite obvious: They are the best team in the world. Year after year Barcelona is among the top teams in the Champions League and ithat makes all matches more interesting and more prestigious. In addition to this, I really like Spanish food, so I will be happy to taste this cuisine which is full of flavors. What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Kamil Syprzak: I have three goals for  the next season. First of all I’ll do my best to show what I’m capable of. Second, I would like to fit in the team as much as I can so we can all create a fine monolith. Third, I would like to play in the VELUX EHF FINAL4 next season.

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