Larvik sail into MVM EHF FINAL4Article
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QUARTER-FINAL MATCH REVIEW: Larvik had no trouble at all taking huge win against Thüringer HC

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Larvik sail into MVM EHF FINAL4

Larvik had absolutely no problems in making it to the MVM EHF FINAL4, as they steamrolled Thüringer HC in the second leg of the two teams’ quarter-final tie Saturday evening.

The 2011 champions were leading by 22 goals, before the visitors were allowed to reduce just a bit at the end.

Women's EHF Champions League Quarter-final
, 2nd leg:

Larvik (NOR) vs Thüringer HC (GER) 36:18 (17:9)
First leg 29:26. Agg. 65:44

There was never any real doubt about the outcome in the Larvik Arena Saturday evening.

Thüringer, who were down by three goals after their 29:26 defeat at home in the first leg, were never even near to becoming a threat to the Norwegian favourites.

Thüringer were just as handicapped by injury as they were before the first leg, while Larvik were missing long-term injured left back Alina Wojtas, so the home team were slightly less unlucky in this regards.

Larvik had the upper hand from the start, but for the first quarter of an hour, they did not manage to get ahead by more than two goals, and if the German players had been shooting a bit more precisely, the game would still have been equal at that point.

However, the visitors already seemed to be running out of resources, and Larvik could cruise from 8:7 to 15:8 and soon after to the 17:9 half-time lead.

In the second half, Larvik continued to steamroll their opponents.

THC coach Herbert Müller tried to play seven against six in the attack, as he had tried already in the first match, but that definitely did not make things any better for his team.

Whether there were six or seven THC players on the court, counter attack after counter attack raced towards the German goal, and Larvik went ahead by 22 goals at 33:11 and 36:14, before the guests were allowed to reduce the enormous gap just a little.

Right back Nora Mork scored eight goals for Larvik, while left back Franziska Mietzner hit the net six times for Thüringer.

TEXT: Peter Bruun / bc