Yashchuk to miss both legs of the Challenge Cup Semi-finalArticle
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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has suspended the player of Pogon Baltica Szczecin for two games following her unsportsmanlike conduct in the Women's Challenge Cup Quarter-final.

Yashchuk to miss both legs of the Challenge Cup Semi-final

The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision following disciplinary proceedings against the player Hanna Yashchuk of Pogon Baltica Szczecin.

The player hit an opponent in the back and slapped in the face another one who wanted to intervene during the post-match handshake of the 2014/15 Women’s Challenge Cup Quarter-final (2nd leg): Pogon Baltica Szczecin (POL) vs. Ardesen GSK (TUR). The behaviour was observed via video footage and proceedings accordingly opened.

The club sustained in substance that the behaviour of the player was due to atmosphere of the match and a provocation from an opponent while handshaking. However, the EHF Court of Handball finds that such arguments are not of nature to release the player from her obligation to adopt a sportsmanlike conduct at any time.

Not only the reaction shall be considered as disproportionate in light of the provocation, but any act of self-defence and/or self‐justice shall not be tolerated on the playing court. Additionally, such behaviour shall not be excused by the tensed atmosphere of the match. Indeed, a player performing at such a level, i.e. European competition, shall be able to control herself at any time.

The gesture and the attitude of the player are regarded as reckless, malicious and intentionally committed in retaliation to a provocation and in order to harm her opponent. The Court of Handball thus imposes a two-match ban on the player and Yashchuk will not be eligible to play the Challenge Cup semi-final against Galytchanka Lviv.

Any appeal shall not have any suspensive effect.

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