Amorim: "Györ are not the favourites – but that’s OK"Article
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INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK: Györ's left back Eduarda Amorim talks about her knee injury, the World Handball Player of the Year award and why she thinks the defending champions can still go all the way in the Women's EHF Champions League

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Amorim: "Györ are not the favourites – but that’s OK"

The recent months have been an up-and-down rollercoaster ride for Brazilian Györi Audi ETO KC left back Eduarda Amorim – or, actually, down and up again if one wants to be more precise.

At the end of November last year the 28-year-old ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament, an injury that will sideline her for the rest of the season.

However, her 2014 performance, which included winning the Women’s EHF Champions League with Györ, was enough for fans and media alike to vote her World Handball Player of the Year in a poll conducted by the International Handball Federation.

"I’m happy and proud to have received such an important trophy, even the nomination was already a great honour for me.

"This is a team sport so I have to thank my teammates, my coaches and the fans who voted in favour of me.

"I still think there is room to improve, for example I have to work on my passing skills. The left wings at Györ used to tease me, because of my few passes to them, but I have been working on that, too.

"My most important strength, however, is my fighting spirit. I’m a big fighter, I never give up," says the Brazilian star, who was part of the Brazilian team that took the World Championship title in December 2013.

But if you asked the 28-year-old to pick her own favourite, she does not name herself, but one of the other nominees.

"My favourite player is Heidi Loke (her teammate at Györ). It amazes me how much energy and verve she has both in attack and defence.

"When we come up against each other in training all I can think of is how lucky we are to have her in our side."

Hard to be a supporter

More than three months into her injury rehabilitation, Amorim has come to terms with the fact that she will not take to the court again this season.

"I’m a positive person and I know there’s no use crying over spilt milk."

"I’m focusing on my recovery, I do everything my therapist tells me to but I must admit it is hard to be a supporter. I miss playing, I miss my teammates and I miss my dog, Thor, who I had to leave behind in Hungary with a friend."

"It’s tougher than any of the most exhausting trainings I have had so far but I try to see the better side of this situation, too.

"At least I get to be with my family and friends, who give me as much strength as my teammates’ video message. Don’t miss it, if you haven’t seen it already."

Giving all you have is all that matters

Defending champions Györ had to see their favourites’ role for third consecutive win in the Women’s EHF Champions League go, after they lost twice to Norwegian champions Larvik in the competition’s main round.

However, with one round to spare they have already qualified for the quarter-finals, despite Amorim not being the only world-class player missing.

While the season was progressing, head coach had to replace his playmaker Anita Görbicz, who announced her pregnancy, as well as goalkeeper Katrine Lunde, who has just given birth to her daughter Atina.

"I think it is OK to say that Györ are no longer the biggest favourites to win the EHF Champions League.

"But the important thing is that I see the girls fighting hard and giving their all, which is all that matters. I speak with them and I know how hard they work.

"They lost to Larvik but the excellent Norwegian team had a particularly good day so I was really proud of the girls to put up such a great fight."

"Buducnost have now become the favourites to win the title. They have a strong, united and very tough team, but acknowledging how strong your most important opponents are always gives you more energy."

"One of the most important reasons why I’m not worried about Győr is our coach Ambros Martin. He is not only a tactical mastermind but also a great leader, who really understands his players," says Amorim.

This trust leads Amorim to believe that eventually – and despite all trouble – it will still by Györ that wins the Women’s EHF Champions League.

"There’s no use taking the court if you don’t want to win. I believe Györ are good enough to go all the way!"

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