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ROUND PREVIEW: Only half of the quarter-finals of the Women´s Challenge Cup have their first leg this weekend.

Only two Challenge Cup quarter-finals this weekend

Only two out of the four quarter-final ties in the Women's Challenge Cup are going to be active this weekend.

Two of the ties are being carried out as double-headers next weekend, so only two matches are on the agenda for this coming weekend.

In Ostrava in the Czech Republic, DHC Sokol Poruba are receiving last season's semi-finalists in the tournament, Union Mios Biganos-Begles on Saturday evening for the first leg of the two teams' internal meetings.

While Biganos-Begles from France won the Challenge Cup in 2011 and reached the semi-final in the same competition last year, their opponents have never been as far in Europe as they are this season, but there is no doubt that the Czech team wants to take it even further, now they are there.

The other venue for Challenge Cup handball this weekend is the SRC Sumadija in Arandjelovac, Serbia, where WHC Knjaz-Milos are taking on HAC Handball from France in the early evening hours on Saturday.

The Serbian hosts are having their best European season since 2007 when they were in the qualification tournament for the Women's EHF Champions League, while HAC Handball are striving to copy their triumph from 2012, when they won the Challenge Cup.

The last two ties, in which Ardesen GSK from Turkey are taking on Pogon Baltica Szczecin from Poland, and Serbian ZRK Naisa Nis are meeting Galychanka from Ukraine are both played as double-headers next weekend.

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