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INTERVIEW: Buducnost left wing is enjoying her best season to date but is not yet picturing herself on the court at the Women's EHF FINAL4 in May

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Pavicevic: “Too early to think about Budapest”

Last season's Women's EHF Champions League runners-up Buducnost secured first place in Group 1 of the main round with two games to spare, five points ahead of Russian side Dinamo-Sinara.

The Montenegrin powerhouse confirmed group victory with a comfortable 26:18 win over Dinamo–Sinara.

Left wing Biljana Pavicevic is enjoying a breakthrough season in the competition, scoring 27 goals so far this season, and she speaks to about her own and Buducnost's ambitions to reach the Women’s EHF FINAL4 for a second consecutive season. Dinamo took an unexpected two-goal lead in Moraca hall after ten minutes before Buducnost took control of the game. Was your slow start to the game caused by a two-week reak?

Biljana Pavicevic: As we expected, we started the game a little poorly, because in the past two weeks we did not play, while most of the other teams are fortunate enough to have strong domestic leagues. In Montenegro we do not have any opponent to play against during the Champions League pause, these are our only tough matches, which is why we needed 10-15 minutes to get into it. After that, we showed our force and proved we can overcome such a good team as Dinamo. You have secured first place in the group. How will you approach the last two matches against HC Leipzig and RK Krim Mercator?

Biljana Pavicevic: We will start to prepare some things for the quarter-finals. But in both games we are going to give the best and try to win all four points to raise our confidence, which is already great because this season we are still unbeaten. We hope it will stay that way until the end. Given your current form, many believe Buducnost are favorites to win the title. Do you feel this burden?

Biljana Pavicevic: We hear such comments and we try not to pay attention to them, so we can focus on our true path to the goal. If we already think about the finals or a title, I'm sure we will lose some games that we should win. We all train to win something, but at this point we do not think that far ahead. At this point, which team you see as your main competitor for the title?

Biljana Pavicevic: Sincerely, Larvik. And what about current champions Györi Audi ETO KC? If they reach the Women’s EHF FINAL4, although weakened this season, they will have the advantage of a home crowd.

Biljana Pavicevic: A home crowd means a lot. We know that very well and I am sure it would be a lot easier for us if we could play the FINAL4 or a match for the title in our Moraca hall.

But we are professionals; we will not think about their advantage and try to beat them if we meet with each other. We are a strong team and if we stick to our game system, I am sure that we will achieve success. Besides a successful handball career, you are also successful as a student, recently becoming a Master of Economic Sciences. How did you achieve all this?

Biljana Pavicevic: Education is very important, I had great motivation to get a Master’s degree and I'm glad that I was able to organise and harmonise these obligations with handball, and to fulfil the intended target. It is further evidence that when you want something then you can make it happen. That is the case in handball, in education and also in life.

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