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NEWS REPORT: The online fantasy game brought to you by VELUX has returned for the third consecutive year. Create your team before the Last 16 begins and compete against family, friends and thousands of handball fans

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VELUX Handball Manager is back

All handball fans are invited to join the third edition of the VELUX Handball Manager game, the only game of its kind to let fans buy and sell VELUX EHF Champions League players, earn points on the results of their matches, compete against each other in private or public leagues, and much more.

By playing VELUX Handball Manager, fans will have a chance to win one of five exclusive prizes, including two VIP tickets for the 2016 VELUX EHF FINAL4.

Thousands of fans took part in the first two editions and even more are expected this time around. Be sure to register for the game before the first roster freeze when the Last 16 throws off.

Basic rules

The game itself is very straight-forward and fans do not need to be handball experts to take part and succeed. Of course, the more they follow scoresheets, injury reports, transfer news and other relevant information, the more effective changes on their rosters can be and the greater their chance will be.

Each participant has 50 million to spend on seven players initially. The main goal is to increase the team's value as much as possible. This is done primarily by buying players who perform well and thus are capable of increasing their value.

The player’s value soars by 15,000 for each goal scored, but for two minutes suspension it will sink by 25,000. Additional bonuses will increase the value, if a player scores five or ten goals in a match or if his team win or draw, on the other hand the yellow or red cards or team´s defeat mean deduction of points.

For example, if Nikola Karabatic scores six goals against Aalborg, receives one suspension and his side FC Barcelona lose, the math will be following: 6x15,000 + 15,000 – 25,000 – 10,000 = 70,000 and his value will increase from 10,000,000 to 10,070,000.

How to build a team

Every fan has two options on how to approach this game. Either he can be loyal to his favourite players and sides and enjoy his dream team, or he forgets his colours and focus only on the points, what is highly recommended to succeed. The key is to buy and sell the right players at the right time.

Therefore all fans are advised to focus not only on the top goal scorers but on injuries, opponents or coaching strategies as well.

Is the match going to be a one-sided affair and the coach of the favourites will be prone to spare the key players on the bench?

Is it going to be a fast end-to-end encounter with wingers scoring the most goals from counter-attacks or a slower tug-of-war with well-prepared attacking plans?

Is it worth to bet on one team and buy a maximum of four players from it or is it better to spread the choice among more clubs to lower the risk in case of a shocking defeat to a favourite.

These are the kind of questions that should be asked before clicking on the “Buy a player” button.

Hints for positions

Goalkeeper – This position should be filled by one of the favourites' keeper as there are significant points to be awarded for team's victory and for goals against. Whatever stellar performance a goalkeeper of underdogs might make, he will still generate minuses, if his team lose and concede many goals.

Wingers – If the game is more likely to be a fast 'tempo handball', this creates space for all counter-attacking machines. If you predict a slower pace, then you should go for players capable to succeed in one-on-one situations. 

Line and back players – One important rule for both of these positions – never buy a defensive specialist. No doubt the likes of Viran Morros or Timuzsin Schuch are all great players and might be as important for their team as their top scorers, but these players only seldom enter their opponent's half and their effort in front of their own goalkeeper is more likely to be rewarded with suspensions and thus minus points.

Further information

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