Larvik win in Györ to claim first spot in Group 2Article
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GROUP 2 MATCH REVIEW: Györ made the clash of two European heavyweights an even game for 50 minutes but the Norwegian outfit proved too strong for the injury-hit holders.

Larvik win in Györ to claim first spot in Group 2

A visiting team left Györ with a victory after almost two years as Larvik’s last ten minute rush left the EHF Champions League defending champions standing. Larvik leapfrogged Györ on top of Group 2. The reigning trophy holders suffered their first defeat in the European top flight after 22 matches.

Women's EHF Champions League Main Round, Round 1


Györi Audi ETO KC (HUN) vs Larvik HK (NOR) 25:26 (11:14)

The clash of two firm FINAL4 contenders marked the first EHF Champions League game in the new Audi Arena. In spite of the long list of sidelined superstars Györ kept pace with Larvik in the first minutes as Aniko Kovacsics was excellent at centre back but after ten minutes Larvik took control of the game.

The Norwegian wall was as solid as ever and the defending champion had a hard time trying to get past is, and Larvik were happy to capitalise on the mistakes of the home side. Koren Riegelhuth and Sanna Solberg inspired a great run for the visitors in the last five minutes of the first half and extended their lead to three goals.

Ambros Martin opened Györ’s wall to a 5-1 formation after the break but it was rather the fast attacks that changed the game as the home side started to climb back. Heidi Löke and Kovacsics brought the teams level but Nora Mörk made sure Györ do not gather momentum. The European heavyweights were fighting tooth and nail in the last 15 minutes.

Györ re-took the lead but Alina Wojtas was on target for Larvik and Alma Hasanic made some crucial saves as Györ started to lose pace. The home side went without a goal for the last nine minutes and the Polish heavy shooter put Larvik back in the driver’s seat. Györ had a last shot to equalise seven seconds from the final whistle but it was blocked and Larvik became the first team to win in Györ after Valcea had managed almost two years ago.

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