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INTERVIEW: Orlen Wisla Plock line player takes stock of a remarkable season in Europe's elite club competition and promises that he will only get better

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Syprzak: “I was born a fighter”

Kamil Syprzak has enjoyed a breakthrough season in the VELUX EHF Champions League and nominations such as player of the round and ‘one to watch’ have caused many to stand up and take notice.

The recent recognition has made the Wisla Plock line player more aware of what he can achieve in his career and has given him extra motivation to become one of the best players in his position.

The 23-year-old has become a force to be reckoned with thanks to his imposing physicality, 206 cm and 114 kg, and is perceived to be one of the biggest hopes Polish handball. 

Before travelling to Qatar for the 2015 World Championship, Syprzak spoke to about his season so far and plans for the future. Your career has risen at an astonishing rate recently. You have developed yourself, improved your skills and grown up as a player. How do you rate your current progression?

Kamil Syprzak: Thank you very much; I am glad that my development is so visible. In fact, I began to feel better and better thanks to receiving the chance to play more minutes on the court. However, that's not the end of my hard work. Because of my height I have definitely more difficulties to achieve some goals that I set for myself. What I need to mention here is that I was born a fighter and I would not give up easily. This season you were nominated in the best seven players of Round 5, awarded the player of Round 8 and highlighted as one to watch this season on ehfTV. Does this recognition motivate you further?

Kamil Syprzak:  Generally speaking, I don’t have problems with the motivation anyway. As you know matches with such rivals give you additional emotions so you can show your best performance, scale the heights and play a great game. But sometimes it can also work the other way: the stress can also kill you. 

I'm really happy that my game was appreciated by professionals; it is a great honour to be chosen among the best seven. May my performances bring more of such achievements. You are primarily a line player with Plock and the Polish national team, but you have also shown shooting ability from distance and the wing. Have you ever considered changing your position?

Kamil Syprzak: To be honest, I have never considered it. As a junior player there was a time when the team had a lot of injuries and the coach sometimes tried me at left back. I managed to score some goals, but as a pivot I definitely feel better. I love the jostling and contact with other players in this position. What are your main career goals?

Kamil Syprzak: My main goal is facing new challenges. I know I have to work on elements in my defensive game. It is beginning to look good and I can see the progress. Now, we are playing in the World Championship in Qatar so I would like to spend as many minutes on the court as possible to add my strengths to the team. There has been talk of a number of major clubs looking to sign you. What would you say about moving to a club abroad?

Kamil Syprzak: Currently I am a player of Orlen Wisla Plock handball club and I am developing my skills there. I know that at some point of your career you need to make important decisions about your future. I am of the opinion that if you are thinking about being the best, some offers are simply unacceptable.

I would really appreciate such offer of a club where I would have real opportunities to enhance my career and develop my skills and achieve the highest goals. Also, I recently got engaged so I cannot only think about myself in these decisions. Which teams do you see reaching the VELUX EHF FINAL4 this year?

Kamil Syprzak: I would love to say that my team from Plock will be among the best ones in this season and I hope one day we will be, but my tips for now are Kiel, Barcelona, Kielce and Flensburg, they should go all the way to Cologne.

TEXT: Katarzyna Pankowska / cor