Tomas: "We will keep fighting for the big trophies"Article
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BLOG: FC Barcelona hero Victor Tomas blogs for us for the first time this season with his thoughts on the pain of Cologne and the most important people in his everyday life

Tomas: "We will keep fighting for the big trophies"

My dear handball fans!!

I still don’t know what I can explain to you that will make you to continue reading until the end of the blog, but hopefully what you guys are about to read is something of interest to you.

Post-FINAL4 2012/13 and 2013/14

Well this something I don’t enjoy writiing about it, but it might be something handball fans would like to know.

After a game, every single game of the year, I review on TV or computer what happened in that match, what can I do better or what I have to continue doing. As you can imagine was not a pleasant thing to do after the final we lost against HSV Hamburg in extra-time and after the semi-final we lost last year against Flensburg.

Re-watching the game and reading the Spanish media is something I need, this way I can to move forward, after that, I can close the chapter and begin a new one.

A lot of my teammates won’t ever watch both games again, for them it’s like putting a finger into the wound and it’s something too painful for them.

Losing games like those two years in a row, it’s something very hard to assimilate, but on the other hand I think...only the best teams can play games like those and FC Barcelona is always there fighting for the big trophies, I can assure you that we will be doing that as long as we can!

Important people around me

Stability away from the playing court makes me feel more comfortable and focused when on the playing court.

My family and especially my wife are very important for that. I met my wife eleven years ago, she is the one who has to live with me, and believe me, I’m not an easy person to live with, especially If I lose.

I have a lot of routines and I’m superstitious with a lot of things before the games and she always understood that and respected that, but the most difficult thing comes when I arrive home after losing a game.

I don’t want anybody to try to cheer my up, or try to distract me, or to talk me at all. This is a very selfish attitude, I know, but she understands me with all that, maybe because she was a handball player as well and she has a strong character.

I had a lot of good friends during all these years in FC Barcelona. People I went to have dinner, spent a day, or just go to the movies with. I could say some names like Luka Zvizej, Lars Krogh Jeppessen, Venio Losert, Iker Romero, Jesper Noddesbo and many many more.

But there are two very special teammates in my life, the first one is Laszlo Nagy, my roommate for nine years. He was a special friend for me, I grew up in Barcelona with him and to be his roommate for nine years made our relationship, a very special one.

And I don’t want to finish this blog without talking about the other very special teammate. He was my best man in my wedding last summer and he is a person who always I can count on.

He lived the Balkan war as a kid and he is someone who always has a smile on his face and kind words for everybody. He knows what bad times mean and because of that he lives his life trying to enjoy every moment and being a very faithful friend. That man is Danijel Saric, he is a great athlete but he is even better as a person.

Hope I can see my Hungarian friend this year in the FINAL4 and hopefully I can re-watch the games with a smile in my face instead a tear in my eyes.

Wish to all of you a Merry Christmas and keep supporting handball!!

TEXT: Victor Tomas, FC Barcelona right wing and captain