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BLOG: The Paris playmaker has always ambigous feelings this time of a year. He still hates cold, but cannot wait for a short Christmas break with his family.

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Narcisse: That's how tradition works

Hello everybody!

I know it's been a while since I haven't written anything to you, but this time, there was something I really wanted to share with you. With PSG, we played in Kiel last weekend and it really was an incredible experience for me. The Sparkassen Arena is a handball temple, and I have so many good memories from the time I was playing here that, at first, it was a little bit hard to push my emotions aside.

Even though we lost, we showed a good performance, but the best part was the incredible welcome the THW fans gave me and Titi Omeyer. For everything you've done to be acknowledged by fans as demanding as these, it makes everything worthwhile.

Not everything was all about handball though, and I took time to chat with my old pals Christian (Sprenger) and Dominik (Klein). It's pretty cool to see that they haven't changed, that the club hasn't much changed either and everything is right where I left it two years ago. That's how tradition works, keeping everything real and that's where I'd like to go with PSG in the future.

We still have five games left before the end of the first part of the season, including two Champions League matches. And then it's Christmas time! I've always had ambiguous feelings about it. I  hate cold, more than anything else, but having all the family gathered to open the presents is so much fun that you can't moan. I've got nothing planned yet, it's still a month away.

Handball is like a never stopping circus sometimes, and in Germany you even play the day after Christmas. The only sure thing I gained coming back in France is that I can really enjoy a couple of days with the family.

But before that, as I said, we've got pretty big games coming up. Montpellier in the league next Wednesday, Metalurg Skopje this weekend, that's a pretty hard schedule if you ask me! But honestly, I can't complain, big games like those are the ones we're playing top level handball for. I'm still having as much fun as I ever had, and the fans in Paris look like they're having a good time. After all, that's all that matters !

See you somewhere on the road,

Daniel Narcisse

TEXT: Daniel Narcisse, PSG Handball centre back