Points, goals, defence, attack, spectators – Györ on top in all departmentsArticle
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FACTS AND FIGURES: ehfCL.com composed the most important numbers of the Women’s EHF Champions League Group Matches

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Points, goals, defence, attack, spectators – Györ on top in all departments

After 48 matches, the group matches of the Women’s EHF Champions League came to an end on Sunday night. For the first time 12 (instead of previously eight) teams have clinched their main round berth. Those 12 teams come from eleven countries, as only Germany still has two teams in the competition.

ehfCL.com has analysed the group matches and has compiled a selection of the most important facts and figures so far, which shows defending champions Audi ETO Györ leading in all departments.

Györ and Larvik were the only teams to win all their respective matches and start their main round campaign with a maximum eight points, followed by Buducnost (seven) and Dinamo (six).

1 team made it to the main round without a single victory in the group matches: the draw experts from IK Sävehof, who tied three times.

1 nation is represented by two teams: Germany, with Thüringer HC and HC Leipzig still in the competition.

1 team failed to win a single point in the group matches: Podravka.

1 team made it from qualification to main round: Leipzig.

1 team starts their main round campaign with zero points on their account: Romanian champions Baia Mare in Group 2.

2 teams finished the group matches with a perfect record of six victories from six matches: Larvik HK (Champions League winner in 2011) and Audi ETO Györ (defending champions and winners in 2013 as well). In addition, Buducnost (11 points) remained unbeaten.

2 group matches ended with 40 or less goals. All three matches with the lowest number of overall goals happened in Group B.

5 former or current Champions League winners are part of the main round: Györ (2013, 2014), Buducnost (2012), Larvik (2011), Viborg (2006, 2009, 2010) and Krim (2001, 2003). Two former Champions League winners failed on their way to the main round: Hypo and Podravka.

6 group matches ended with 60 goals and more scored.

6 out of 48 group matches ended with a draw, including three draws of IK Sävehof.

6 goals scored in one half by a single team is the lowest of all matches and occurred in the duel Buducnost vs Thüringer HC, when the half-time result was 11:6 for the Montenegrins.

7 teams, which had been part of the 2013/14 main round (played with only eight teams) are again part of this competition stage: Vardar, Thüringer HC, Sävehof, Györ, Buducnost, Larvik, Krim. The only missing main round participant of the previous season is FC Midtjylland, the Danes missed the qualification for the group matches.

10 group matches ended with a goal difference of ten or more goals. The biggest margin in one match was 20 goals, when Leipzig beat Hypo 42:22.

12 teams will carry on in the main round.

12 goals scored by Serbian international Sanja Damnjanovic (Viborg), scored in the match against Sävehof, was the highest scored by one player in one match. Gorica Acimovic (Hypo, against Krim), Anna Kochetova (Dinamo, against Krim) and Nora Mörk (Larvik, against Metz) scored eleven times in one match. Six more players scored ten times in a single match.

14 matches were attended by 3,000 or more spectators.

18 away victories were among the 48 group matches.

24 times the home teams took the victory.

45 goals were scored by Gorica Acimovic (Hypo) to top the top scorers’ list after the group matches, followed by four players, who netted in 41 times each.

48 main round matches are ahead to decide the participants for the quarter-finals.

56 goals is the best overall goal difference of all teams involved, achieved by defending champions Györ.

127 goals were conceded by Györ to have the best defence of all participants.

132 goals were scored by Zagreb to have the weakest attack of all 16 participants.

183 goals were scored by defending champions Györ in their six group matches to have the best attack of all 16 participants.

5,200 fans saw the match Györ vs Sävehof in the opening match of the new Audi Arena in Györ on Sunday to top the spectator standings so far.

The top 3 of the group matches:

Best attack:

183 goals: Györ
177 goals: Leipzig
169 goals: Larvik

Weakest attack:

132 goals: Zagreb
136 goals: Hypo
143 goals: Thüringer HC

Best defence:

127 goals conceded: Györ
130 goals conceded: Buducnost
140 goals conceded: Vardar

Weakest defence:

191 goals conceded: Podravka
188 goals conceded: Sävehof
182 goals conceded: Lublin

Best overall goal difference after the group phase:

+56 goals: Györ
+31 goals: Buducnost
+28 goals: Larvik

Highest number of goals in a single match:

66 goals: Krim vs Leipzig 31:35
64 goals: Leipzig vs Hypo 42:22
63 goals: Viborg vs Sävehof 38:25

Lowest number of goals in a single match:

37 goals: Buducnost vs Thüringer HC 23:14
40 goals: Buducnost vs Vardar 23:17
41 goals: Thüringer HC vs Vardar 21:20

Biggest gaps:

+20 goals: Leipzig vs Hypo 42:22
+17 goals: Sävehof vs Györ 21:38
+13 goals: Thüringer HC vs Podravka 33:20
+13 goals: Viborg vs Sävehof 38:25

The best home teams:

6:0 points: Larvik, Györ, Buducnost
5:1 Vardar

The best away teams:

6:0 points: Györ, Larvik
5:1 points: Buducnost, Dinamo


5,200: Györ vs Sävehof
5,000: Vardar vs Buducnost
5,000: Buducnost vs Vardar

Top scorers:

47 goals: Gorica Acimovic (Hypo)
41 goals: Saskia Lang (HC Leipzig)
41 goals: Karolina Kudlacz (HC Leipzig)
41 goals: Cristina Neagu (Buducnost)
41 goals: Ida Oden (Sävehof)

Individual high score in one match:

12 goals: Sanja Damnjanovic (Viborg, in the match against Sävehof)
11 goals: Anna Kochetova (Dinamo, in the match against Krim)
11 goals: Gorica Acvimovic (Hypo, in the match against Krim)
11 goals: Nora Mörk (Larvik, in the match against Metz)

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