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ROUND REVIEW: 22 goals from Ardesen GSK's left back virtually decided Women's Challenge Cup double header in Turkey

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Ardesen and Iskit make it all clear in first match

Last season, Ardesen GSK reached the quarter-finals of the Women's Challenge Cup. This year, the Turkish team still have the chance of at least copying that achievement after qualifying for the Last 16 this weekend.

With 11 goals, Ardesen's 20-year-old left back Asli Iskit contributed a lot to her team making things more or less clear already in the first leg of their double header on home court against Energa AZS Koszalin from Poland.

In front of 2,000 spectators, Ardesen won 34:27 Saturday afternoon, and after this, a 31:31 draw the following day was more than enough, this time in front of 2,500 spectators, and again with 11 goals from young Iskit.

A total of 11 goals was also reached by no fewe than two players in the Salle Jean Dauguet in Bordeaux, where Union Mios Biganos-Begles and Schuler Afbouwgroup/DOS met for the second leg of their tie.

Right wing Chloe Bulleux from Biegles and left back Roxanne Bovenberg both hit the net 11 times, but it was Bulleux and her teammates who had reason to celebrate at the end.

Begles, who reached the semi-final last season, won 32:31, and as the French team also won the first match in the Netherlands by one, 29:28, they proceed to the Last 16.

Amyntos Amyntaiou also booked a ticket for the main round, with a lot of help from their Romanian left back Cristina Ciobanu.

13 goals in the first leg and eight in the second did Ciobanu score, when her Greek club defeated H.C. Holon from Israel 28:21 and 25:21 in a double header on home court this weekend.

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