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GROUP C MATCH REVIEW: Fifth win out of five for Györi AUDI ETO KC, while HC Lokomotiva Zagreb will have to wait another week to know their fate

Györ take fifth win in a row

The reigning Women's EHF Champions League winners took another win with a clear 26:15 away to HC Lokomotiva Zagreb. The Croatian side will now have to wait until the last round next Sunday to know if they have a chance of proceeding to the main round.

Women's EHF Champions League Group C

HC Lokomotiva Zagreb (CRO) vs Györ Audi ETO KC (HUN) 15:26 (7:13)

Györ booked their fifth win out of five in the Dom Sportova in Zagreb this Sunday evening, while Lokomotiva will have to wait until next Sunday to find out if they have made it to the main round along with Györ and Viborg HK from Group C.

Lokomotiva are in a direct duel with IK Sävehof for the third position, and the Croatian champions  destiny is out of their own hands as Sävehof have pulled off a 25:25 draw at home against Viborg.

Both teams found it difficult to settle into their game in attack, this showed in the lack of fluidity when moving forward. However, despite this bumpy start, it was Györ who found their feet in the game. The Hungarians kept their opponents from scoring for nearly a 12-minute stint, and they themselves scored seven goals in succession and changed a 3:2 deficit into a 9:3 lead.

Even though the home team managed to break their goal drought just before the break, Györ were still leading by six at half-time.

The second half, saw a repeat of the first and as the affair wore on the Hungaians started to pile on the pressure and wided the gap even further.

In the Lokomotiva goal, Ivana Jelcic did her best to keep the deficit to a minimum, however, her 33 per cent save ratio was not nearly enough to stop the guests from increasing their lead during the second half.

This win also means that Viborg HK, who drew 25:25 away against Sävehof earlier on Sunday, are now sure to follow the Hungarians to the main round.

Ambros Martin head coach of Györi AUDI ETO KC stated after the encounter: “I am completely satisfied with today’s match. I think that this year’s competition system is very tough, and you need to be 100% prepared for every match, or you’ll be in trouble. I’m satisfied with our whole season, but especially with this match today. We played very well here”.

The question only remains: how many points will each teams take with them to the next stage.

TEXT: Peter Bruun / bc