Efficient Larvik win fifth consecutive gameArticle
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GROUP D MATCH REVIEW: Metz Handball pulled off one of the best comebacks in Women’s EHF Champions League history in their previous group match last Sunday, but unstoppable Larvik proved too much for the French side on Saturday.

Efficient Larvik win fifth consecutive game

One of the finest comebacks in the Women’s EHF Champions League’s history saw Metz earn one point against MKS Selgros Lublin in their fourth match of the competition last Sunday. But on Saturday, the French champions were the victims, as Larvik's Anja Edin-Hammerseng scored with seven seconds to spare to achieve their fifth consecutive win in Group D.

Women's EHF Champions League Group D

Metz Handball (FRA) vs. Larvik (NOR) 25:26 (13:13)

Metz hopes for qualifying for the main round were hanging by a thread before Saturday's match, and this result has done little to restore their confidence. The French champions did not experience the start they planned, as Larvik took the lead and comfortably held it for the first 15 minutes.

A lack of intensity and high number of turnovers soon turned the game on its head. Metz took the lead and were enjoying a two-goal advantage (12:10) by the 25th minute.

From this moment on, both teams relied heavily on their opponent’s mistakes and used counter attacks as their main weapons.

Larvik started better in the second half, but it was the French side who took the lead at the crucial stages of the match and were looking confident of victory in the last minutes.

But Larvik were more fresh, more experienced and turned up their defence in the final five minutes to level the score in the 57th minute, 25:25.

When Metz had the final attack and failed to break Larvik’s defence, the Norwegians responded with a fast counter attack. 

Nora Mørk, Larvik’s best player on Saturday, was fouled as she prepared to shoot, and Anja Edin-Hammerseng stepped in to score the penalty shot that would bring Larvik's fifth consecutive win.

TEXT: Adrian Costeiu / cg