Dmitrieva: “We deserve first place”Article
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INTERVIEW: Dinamo-Sinara's young goal machine tells about her rapid rise with the club and hopes for the Women's EHF Champions League

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Dmitrieva: “We deserve first place”

It has been a great start to the Women’s EHF Champions League for Russian champions Dinamo-Sinara this year.

Their strong performances give the young Russian squad genuine hope of progressing from the group matches for the first time since 2011.

One of the biggest revelations in Viktor Ryabikh’s squad is young playmaker Daria Dmitireva. At the age of just 19, Dmitrieva has risen to become one of the leading players at Dinamo, scoring 23 goals after four rounds.

In an exclusive interview with, Dmitrieva talks about her fast progress, whether her team will survive the winter in Europe’s elite competition and how hard it is for a young player to balance the heavy schedule of both club and national team matches. You have developed very quickly over the last few years. What is the secret behind this fast progress?

Daria Dmitrieva: Well my beginnings in handball were at Toglaitti and from there I moved in Volgograd. First I started playing in the youth categories, where good performance gave me the opportunity to participate in first team trainings.

Once I had the chance to play at senior level, I received more and more chances to prove myself. There is no special secret behind my fast progress. I have aims in my life which I try to achieve. I work hard every day and always strive to achieve something new. This is your third season in the Women’s EHF Champions League, but this season you are one of the leaders of the team. How do you feel about this new role?

Daria Dmitrieva: I did not play a lot in the previous seasons, but I tried to use each chance given to me. Each time I was on the court I felt responsibility, joy and excitement about the coach giving me the possibility to represent myself in this competition. It is really hard to explain with words.

This season things are slightly different and for sure the responsibility is much bigger, but all my achievements would not be possible without the support of my team. You are among the top scorers in the Champions League with 23 goals in four rounds. How do you feel being the youngest player among this group of prolific scorers?

Daria Dmitrieva: I follow this statistic but also I follow all mistakes I make on the court because this is also very important for me. I think that the team is happy for me that at this point I belong in this group of top scorers. It will be very important to retain this position and of course try to progress further. Dinamo-Sinara currently holds second position with two matches to go in the group matches. Where do you see the team going from here?

Daria Dmitrieva: In the opening match this season we played very well against Leipzig, everything worked for us and the result came with it. We could have taken the two points against Hypo had we been a bit crueler in defence.

On Sunday we will try to stop Kudlacz and in both remaining matches I expect only victories for my team. I think that Dinamo deserves first position in our group and we will all give our best to make this happen. I also believe that my team is worthy of reaching the FINAL4. You are a considered as a universal player as you manage to play at different positions. Which position do you feel most comfortable with?

Daria Dmitrieva: Honestly I do believe that each position has its own advantages. I think that this is very convenient for me and it surely an advantage for the coach and the team. This also takes a lot of hard work and support from the entire team. You are part of a very talented Russian youth generation? How demanding is for a young player to play many national team and club games?

Daria Dmitrieva: I can only be happy that I have the opportunity to participate for the junior, youth and senior national team. In the first national squad I’m not in the first plan, but the focus is more on the trainings. I consider this as a big advantage because trainings with stronger and more experienced players can only lead to progress. It is not an easy job to combine this entire national and club trainings, but in time I got used to it. I just hope that good results are coming ahead.

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