Schroeder to miss next match in the ECArticle
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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball suspended the player of Kaerjeng for delay of the game in the EHF Cup action vs Handball Esch.
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Schroeder to miss next match in the EC

The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision following disciplinary proceedings against the player Eric Schroeder of Handball Kaerjeng.

The player was directly disqualified at the 59”59 minute of the 2014/15 Men’s EHF Cup Qualification Round 1 (2nd leg) match between Handball Kaerjeng and Handball Esch for having prevented the execution of a throw-off in favour or Handball Esch.

The EHF Court of Handball finds that the behaviour of the player Eric Schroeder was intentional to delay the execution of a last throw-off and committed to safeguard the score of the match (25:25) and subsequently further sanctions must be imposed.

The player Eric Schroeder si suspended from participation in EHF club competitions for one (1) match.

An appeal against the decision may be filed by the club and/or the player within seven days.

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