EHF and Nuubo test new wireless health technologyArticle
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NEWS REPORT: Spanish medical experts test new equipment to measure a range of body parameters at Youth Coaches Course and the Men’s 18 EHF EURO 2014 in Gdansk
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EHF and Nuubo test new wireless health technology

In a new cooperation between Spanish medical device company Nuubo and the European Handball Federation state-of-the-art equipment was tested at the EHF’s Youth Coaches Course and the Men’s 18 EHF EURO in Gdansk last week.

During several sessions young players, referees and EHF officials were equipped with a special breast belt which measured and sent remotely in real time parameters such as heart beat, calories burnt as well as information on the body position and posture (view product presentation).

According to company information, Nuubo has developed a wireless platform for remote cardiac ECG monitoring of individuals or large groups in an easy, cost-effective and flexible way.

"This provides new opportunity for cardiology: remote ECG monitoring in environments with high levels of physical activity (such as sports). This capability is based on a wireless and dynamic ECG monitoring system that incorporates a proprietary biomedical e-textile technology," a company statement reads.

The European Handball Federation will soon receive the full test results and decide about a future cooperation in the field of remote cardiac ECG monitoring with Nuubo.

The Spanish company in the past already worked together with football clubs such as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

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