Thousands gather to celebrate in GyőrArticle
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The pouring rain could not stop thousands of Győr supporters to gather in front of the City hall around midnight to party with the Champions League winners.

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Thousands gather to celebrate in Győr

After Győri Audi ETO KC defended their EHF Champions League title at the MVM EHF FINAL4 the supporters at the jam packed László Papp Budapest Sportarena could not get enough of their heroines and the party continued in Győr later on.

Singing in the rain

The square in front of the city hall of Győr was filled with smiling faces in the pouring rain when the bus that carried the re-crowned Champions of Europe back to their court rolled in. The stage was soon to be occupied with players, coaches and their relatives and the spirits rose even higher when Ambros Martin greeted the fans in Hungarian.

Zsolt Borkai, mayor of Győr said: "Today it felt great to be Hungarian and even better to be from Győr."

He also claimed it is always more difficult to defend a title than win it for the first time. President of Győri Audi ETO KC Ernő Kelecsényi felt his team proved they are the best in the world and Anita Görbicz, who first greeted all mothers in her speech, agreed with him.

The players sang together with their fans, even Dorina Korsós could not leave the party even though she would be writing her high-school graduation test in a couple of hours.

Everybody speaks Hungarian

Ambros Martin even used a tiny bit of profane words in Hungarian in his short speech, while Heidi Löke, who took her son Alexander to the stage, came up with a Hungarian nursery rhyme to the amusement of the jam packed town square.

Eduarda Amorim ran to the stage with a gymnastic exercise while the last one who was called to was team captain Anita Görbicz, who took the trophy to the stage and made a really emotional speech.

The party in Győr continued with a reception at the mayor’s office deep into the night, but the joyous fans refused to leave the square and waited for their heroines outside in the rain.

Photo: Aniko Kovács

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