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The three-time world champion of the free-style football Kitty Szasz made a home debut in front of a big crowd

There is no place like home

Kitti Szász has already travelled around the world. She has been on the stage in front of many people but her Sunday's performance in the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena on the fringes of the MVM EHF FINAL4 was totally different because she has never shown her unique skills before such a huge crowd in the Hungarian capital.

"It is amazing to be here because I don’t have many opportunities to perform in Hungary. I don’t think I’ve ever performed in front of so many spectators at home. I’ve done it so many times abroad but on home field there is always some pressure, so I’m a little bit nervous but it has a positive affect on me.”

The call came from Adidas, the clothing sponsor of the event and Kitti was asked by Attila Császári in the name of the company.

"We have a great relationship and we are building it continually. It is an honour for me to be here. I don’t have many connections with handball. My mom was the only one, who used to do this sport as a hobby," she revealed in the interview with

"I study sports management at university, this way I’ll have the chance to get to know this genre more. I’m staying today and I’m watching the final as well. Of course, I’m expecting Győr to win,” she said before she could join the celebration.

Most of her time is spent by free style rehearsal, she does not have too much time for other things. If someone becomes a star, it is hard to keep their old friends and the casual lifestyle but even if on her own, it works for Kitti. What is more, the increasing number of performances proves her success.

"I don’t have a coach, so I train on my own. It isn’t easy to find the balance and spend as much time with my friends as I want to. Sometimes they ask me to put off the trainings, but it isn’t possible. In this case it isn’t my coach’s fault, of course, it’s mine. In spite of that I always try to phase my days. I have shows every week, I also go running and stretching twice a week to be more flexible, I can do the acrobatic moves easily this way.”

There are loads of purposes ahead of her but she has already got so many things to be proud of.

"The three World Cups are the most important in my career, these are milestones for me.”

TEXT: Veronika Varju, Balazs Szalkai / br