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3/4 PLACEMENT MATCH PREVIEW: Midtjylland might have the edge before the game as the Danish side will not have as many things to get over as Vardar players.

Whose spirits recover faster?

They say the 3/4th placement match is the clash of the disappointed but in the MVM EHF FINAL4 the saying only fits one of the teams. Vardar could be strong favourite to be third if they can get over the bitter semi-final defeat.

Midtjylland have the edge

Judging by the faces of players who left the László Papp Sportaréna on Saturday after the semi-finals it is not difficult to predict the outcome of the third place match. The Danish knew they were underdogs but still managed to give Győr a fight and the players seemed content with their performances when they left the arena.

On the other hand Vardar players were broken, beat and scared after losing to Buducnost in extra-time. Some of the Macedonian players were crying upon leaving and they rightfully felt they missed a golden opportunity having come back from behind but fell in the battle of nerves. Their spirits could not have been lower.

Body and soul

Building up confidence and fighting spirit after a defeat is always hard and this time the new format will leave the ladies with little time to lick wounds. Hard to say whether mental or physical fitness will play a more important role on Sunday, let us say both will come handy and any can tip the scale towards one of the parties.

Vardar would have had less time to rest and get ready for the 3/4th placement match anyway since they played the second of the two semi-finals but they managed to further shorten their time to recharge the batteries by going to an extra-time thriller vs Buducnost.

They say only defeats tire an athlete but this time it is not merely about physical drainage but shagged eagerness to fight can also be a factor.

Fast recovery

Begona Fernandez feels it is of utmost importance to get over the game against Buducnost and the Skopje line player still believes they can leave Budapest on a high note.

"All we have to do now, is to recuperate, prepare for tomorrow - and show our best game.”

Judging by the words of Line Jörgensen the Danes already got over their defeat vs. Győr.

“I love the atmosphere here, and everything is great. Obviously I’m disappointed we lost, and that made it a bit less enjoyable for me, but we have to look to what comes next for us.”

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