Distance no obstacle for handball loversArticle
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FEATURE: Fans of Buducnost and Vardar did not hesitate to set out for a long journey to Budapest, just to support their teams.

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Distance no obstacle for handball lovers

Nothing can be compared with the love for your favorite club, especially if your team is qualified for the MVM EHF FINAL4 tournament. Thousand kilometers of distance is not an obstacle for the most loyal fans that traveled to Budapest to give support to their team.

One can really feel the buzz, and the energy being among the Buducnost fans. They were singing a variety of chants supporting their club, trying to make the players feel at home.

“We really want carry the atmosphere from  “Moraca” onto this arena, as we think it has something very special to it, and that’s what makes us win,” said one Buducnost fan.

“There are no fans like us in the whole world,” another fan continued.

“We came all the way from Podgorica, and would go anywhere to support our club. We know how much it matters to the players.”

“We are proud and ready to support Buducnost, regardless of the result - we stick together through thick and thin,” another fan added.

A few fans of Buducnost came from Romania, wearing Oltchim shirts and waiving Romanian flag, to support their idol Cristina Neagu.

“We love her. She’s the best, and we hope for her to lift the throphy,” said the fans proudly.

WHC Vardar SCBT fans were also happy to share their impressions of the MVM EHF FINAL4, as they gathered in the stands of the Papp Laszlo Sportarena to support their team.

“I’m not sad that our team lost. These girls have put a big fight in the second half and I adore them. They will always be the best team for me,” said the disappointed, but not disheartened WHC Vardar SCBT fan.

“It took a little for our team to win the game,” another continued, and rushed to praise the Györ fans as well: “It’s great that Györ fans joined us in this game and Vardar had same support like when they play at home. We love you Vardar, you are the best.”

TEXT: Nemanja Savic, Amina Idrizi / br