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FEATURE: The song "We all" of the young Hungarian talent set the tone for the MVM EHF FINAL4

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Big stage premiere for sporty singer Bogi

The young singer, Bogi was very excited and very proud of opening such a huge event as the first MVM EHF Final Four with her song "We all”.

"I’m pretty excited about the performance because I’ve never sung in front of so many people. It made me extremely happy when my manager told me about this opportunity,” said the finalist of "A Dal”, the Hungarian song contest, in the interview with the

Becoming well-know all at once and handling this is never easy, but Bogi is just smiling when asked about it.

"It is very tough to digest this sudden success but it means more performances and being recognised by more people on the street. It feels like living in a much friendlier world where I am welcomed everywhere I go and I enjoy this part the most. Of course, I’m trying to keep the balance in my life, I go to school every day, live the life of an average 17-year-old and besides that I receive huge energy through the concerts,” she revealed.

The world of handball isn’t strange for the girl from Győr, she comes from a sporty family, so it is an honour for her to be here. "Personally, I’ve always been keen on doing sports but the biggest part of my family loved basketball, my father was the only one who kept his eyes on handball. We used to attend some games of ETO. If I have time, I’ll stay here for the rest of the weekend and support the girls,” she admited.

TEXT: Veronika Varju, Balázs Szalkai / br