Green sea floods streets and the arenaArticle
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FEATURE: Fans in front of the Papp Laszlo Arena were able to test their shooting skills or get their faces painted in the colours of their beloved teams.

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Green sea floods streets and the arena

Many of the Györ fans were queuing in front of  the official merchandise shop. Adidas made a lot of activities for the fans to enjoy. They can play "speedgun", where the fastest shot wins Adidas give-aways.

At the fan shop the green-white adidas t-shirts were being sold like hot cakes and only the quickest fans succeeded to buy one.

Many fans were looking to buy the Györ match shirts, but the one who spoke with had a shirt that said Jovanka Radicevic on the back (now playing for Vardar- a potential rival at the final).

“She’s one of my all-time favorite players,” The Györ fan said.

The whole group of fans soon followed, saying: “We still love Jovanka. We all do. She’s an amazing player and person, and we will give her a warm welcome if we meet in the final.“

Of course, the fans had their favourites in the current Györ lineup, as well. “Aniko Kovacsics is our favourite. Not only because she’s Hungarian, but because we love seeing her play”

Györ fans might have had different views on who their favourite player was, but they all agreed on one thing, when asked about their team’s chances at the MVM EHF FINAL4, they all said as one: “We’re here to have fun, and support Györ to defend the title!”

Many supporters gathered at the MVM’s stand, where the title sponsor of the event, offered face-painting for everyone. The most popular were the green-white of Györ and the red-white-green tricolour of the Hungarian flag.

Györ fans came in big numbers, and all ages, but what caught attention was an elderly couple, holding hands and wearing the traditional green colours of their favourite team. They were eager to share their impressions of the MVM EHF FINAL4: “We have loved Györ for many, many years; we would go anywhere to see them. We came here hoping they can give us something to celebrate.”

Few but loud

75 Danes traveled 1.500 kilometers to Budapest, supporting FC Midtjylland's "haandboldpiger". They have set their camp in the Hungarian capital for five days.

“We pull all our eggs in one basket, we especially believe in Sabine Englert,” Otto Lysdal, member of the official FCM Haandbold Support, was not in doubt of the Vikings victory against the odds..

“Line Jörgensen, both Trine's and Dutchwoman Nycke Groot will do the rest.”

The area outside of the Papp Laszlo Sportsarena was flooded by Györ fans, but in the “green sea” of the Hungarian powerhouse's fans, it was still possible to bump into a few cheerful FC Midtjylland fans enjoying the beer before the start of the match. It was a long road for them to join the MVM EHF FINAL4, just as it was for their team over the season.

Their impression of Budapest were only positive so far:

“We truly enjoy every minute of it. The weather is fine, the beer is good, and the food is great.”

On whether they have a particular song they sing at the matches, they promised: “No. Not any song in particular, but we do blow at our horns a lot!”

TEXT: Nemanja Savic, Theresa Glöde, Amina Idrizi, Mario Mille