"Big commitment and hard work"Article
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MVM EHF FINAL4: Interview with Buducnost Podgorica right wing Radmila Petrović, her team's current top scorer in the Women's EHF Champions League

"Big commitment and hard work"

She scored more often than Cristina Neagu, Milena Knezeic or Dragana Cvijic – with 53 goals Radmila Petrović is the top scorer of Buducnost  Podgorica in the Women’s EHF Champions League.

The right wing, who succeeded her semi-final opponent Jovanka Radicevic (now at Vardar) in this position, expects close matches without a favourite
in Budapest.

When you saw the result of the draw for the main round – did you still hope to make it to the MVM EHF FINAL4 in Budapest?

Radmila Petrović: We were truly hoping that we will reach the MVM EHF FINAL4 in Budapest. Our group in the main round was very difficult, but this gave us even greater strength and motivation to work harder and to be prepared for those matches. I think that it is a great success to reach Budapest from this group unbeaten, as we did.

What is the key for this successful international season of Buducnost?

Radmila Petrović: The key for success is a good atmosphere in the club and amongst all the players. I would mention our defence, on which we pay a lot of attention and put a major focus on in analysing and preparation. Additionally we are all dedicated to our work.

What is your opinion on having the MVM EHF FINAL4 tournament as the season’s highlight? Does it make things easier or harder for Buducnost?

Radmila Petrović: The FINAL4 is a big challenge this season. Until this season we have had more time to prepare for opponents and to recover and rest after those hard matches in the main round. Now in two days we have two big games, which is of course much more difficult.

Is it strange – or maybe even boring - to have the same coach on club side and in the national team, Dragan Adzic?

Radmila Petrović: It is a great advantage to have the same coach in national team and at the club. The system of work is the same, which of course makes things much easier!

You will face some of your Montenegrin teammates in the Vardar jersey in the semi-final. Is it a special motivation? Do you have some private bets before the match?

Radmila Petrović: I think it will be very difficult, since we know each other very well. So far we have played two games with them in the Regional League, but it is not the true picture, because in both games neither they nor we could play with our complete squad. The first real match between us will be in Budapest and it will be a special motivation for us.

Is there a favourite in this semi-final duel of two neighbours?

Radmila Petrović: There is no favourite for this match. We will see the best four teams of the competition in the FINAL4, and it will be so difficult to specify any single favourite. Anything will be possible in Budapest.

Did you expect to be top scorer for your team before the final tournament? What is your strength this season?

Radmila Petrović: I did not expect nor did I think about that. The whole team is responsible for every one of my goals. My strength this season is the same as last season - big commitment and hard work, as well as the confidence which I receive from my coach and teammates.

The name Petrović has a good tradition in your team, as it is the birth name of Bojana Popovic. Is she an idol for you?

Radmila Petrović: Bojana Popovic is a great person primarily and a great player and big professional. In every way she is my idol!

What are your personal expectations for the MVM EHF FINAL4 in Budapest?

Radmila Petrović: I am a big optimist and hope for the best. I wish that our work is worth it, because we deserve it!

Montenegrin fans are famous for creating a great and frenetic atmosphere – will a crowd from Podgorica join your team?

Radmila Petrović: I am sure that also this time our fans will be the best and they will give us great support and extra power in Budapest.