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INTERVIEW: Buducnost coach trying to relieve expectations on his young team ahead of the MVM EHF FINAL4

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Adzic going to Budapest without much pressure

This weekend marks Budapest’s eighth semi-final appearance in the EHF Champions League. Only one time, in the previous seven attempts, theMontenegrin champions managed to reach the final, in 2012, going all the way to become champion.

Dragan Adzic led the team in two semi-finals, losing the first against Larvik in 2011 and defeating the same opponent in 2012, before winning the title in final against Györi Audi ETO KC. In an interview with, Adzic spoke about the upcoming MVM EHF FINAL4 in Budapest and their chances of winning. How satisfied are you with the work and preparation between the end of main round and Budapest?

Dragan Adzic: I was not easy at all to plan the work in a 50-day break between the main round and FINAL4. However, given the fact that we had some very important players with chronic injuries, a longer break was good for us.

Since the beginning of the season the quality of work in training is at high level, like it was in the period of preparation for the F4. We realised all that we planned to do. What has to be done in few remaining days?

Dragan Adzic: In the final few days of work our focus will be on psychological preparation. We are reducing the load on the training and making final agreements on essential details for the games. Is the current champion Györi Audi ETO KC, playing in their homeland, absolute favourites for the title? What are the chances for Buducnost and the other two teams?

Dragan Adzic: This system of competition can increase the chances of other teams also, because it all comes down to 60 or 120 minutes.

However, having in mind the quality of the squad, the games shown so far and “home court”, Györi Audi ETO KC is absolutely first favourite. We go to Budapest without much pressure and I believe that we will repeat a level of play from the main round.

If we do so, surely we will have a chance against the top team like WHC Vardar SCBT, with a lot more experienced players than we have, by five years on average. Buducnost and Györi Audi ETO KC have much more experience in playing the final rounds of the competition than WHC Vardar SCBT and FC Midtjylland. Can that be an advantage?

Dragan Adzic: This competition system is completely different and more demanding than the previous one, so Buducnost will not have that advantage, while Györi Audi ETO KC, because of home court, certainly will.

A large number of WHC Vardar SCBT players have had the opportunity to play the final stages of big events. Only FC Midtjylland are lacking it, but I think they will overcome that handicap. What are the respective advantages of Buducnost and WHC Vardar SCBT?

Dragan Adzic: The advantages of WHC Vardar SCBT are experience and a number of quality and experienced players. Our advantage is youth, fellowship and commitment. The support of your fans in Moraca hall in the past, especially in the final stages of the competitions, was one of the key factors for Buducnost’s achievements so far. How much the absence of that kind of support will be a handicap for your team in Budapest, although you will have some support from the stands?

Dragan Adzic: For the team that has the best continuity of support from the stands, surely this system does not fit. But, this season we played lot of quality away games which give us even greater certainty. What’s your opinion about new final round format?

Dragan Adzic: I will able to say more about success of the system of competition after the end of the FINAL4 in Budapest. The final conclusions can be made at the end of the tournament.

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TEXT: Saša Jončić / cor