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BLOG: Duda speaks about the hard work at training ahead of the biggest weekend in women's handball, the MVM EHF FINAL4

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An atmosphere in which we cannot lose

Hi friends! I hope you are doing ok. Are you as much thrilled about the forthcoming MVM EHF FINAL4 as myself? In my second blog post, I’ll tell you how we are preparing for the Budapest event and let you know about my summer plans. Are you ready?

Top form is due to arrive

We are training hard at the moment not just because of the looming FINAL4 but because we are having tough encounters with the best Hungarian clubs. It’s the semi-finals of the Hungarian championship and a week before Budapest we’ll engage in the quest of defending our crown in the Hungarian Cup.

Our trainings are intensive and I can already feel we’ll have reached top form when the time comes to shine in all competitions. We have minor injuries but I believe coach Ambros Martin will have the full squad at his disposal at the finals.

We had a difficult season. Sometimes we failed to reach the quality of play we showed last year but we are still going strong and no one managed to beat us. It is comforting to know we still have room to improve and everybody at Győr is hungry to show that. The format of the FINAL4 puts us under a lot of pressure because we have to play two laser sharp, aggressive games in 24 hours, which requires fitness of both body and mind. I believe we are second to none when it comes to physical strength.

Long, long season

Can you imagine that if we win all our remaining games, I will start next season as holder of four prestigious titles? I was fortunate enough to win the World Championship with my great teammates of Brazil and hopefully remain in throne in Hungary. That will add up to a lot of tears, sweat and struggle to get over in the summer.

I am planning to go home and visit my parents in Brazil but only after I go to Greece with my husband. I love sandy beaches and I will have the chance to check them in two continents. The weather will not be very friendly in Brazil where my parents live so I will have to travel to the north of the country to have my share of sunbathing and swimming. Not a problem!

Handball yes, football not so much

If I can get a ticket, I will go to a football World Cup game but I won’t lose sleep if I can’t go. It’s too far to think about it, most of my thoughts are around Budapest and how our great fans will create an atmosphere in which we cannot lose. Veszprém was okay last year; our loyal fans made the journey in numbers but László Papp arena will be different. Man, 10,000 people!

I am not superstitious. I believe in the work I do to get the best out of myself. But if you look closely, you will see Duda Amorim touching her right foot right after she takes the court. I don’t even know why I do it, it’s just a routine.

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed my second post.

Take care, everyone and God bless you all!

Love, Duda

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