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BLOG: Midtjylland's Dutch playmaker tells us about her second home in Denmark, her first season in Europe's elite competition and hopes for the MVM EHF FINAL4 in a smiley-tastic blog

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Sooooo hungry for more

I've never written a blog in my life, but there's a first for everything. Same as my first time in the EHF Champions League semi-final (OH MY GOSH, so excited!!) I try my best to make it readable Gezichtje met knipoog

First of all, let me tell you something about myself. My name is Cornelia Groot, but I've been called Nycke all my life. (Don't ask me whyGezichtje Niet leuk)

I'm 25 years old and I'm from Holland. This is my third season in FC Midtjylland and I have been living in Denmark for almost 8 years now(Blozend gezichtje).

Besides handball, I have studied for 3,5 years in Holstebro, so I have a bachelor in social education (I'm a kindergarden teacherBaby). I'm not using my diploma at the moment, because I want to focus 100% on handball.

Second home

I miss Holland at times. It's not that I miss the country in itself, but I miss my family and friends a lot!!

And I miss my little dog Beau the most. I can't even describe it, but coming home after a long time, is the best feeling in the world!! When I'm home I'm always so busy visiting everyone.

I love to hang out with my sister (who is pregnant, so I'm going to be an auntieEmoji!!!) and my friends.

It doesn't matter where we are, how long we haven't seen or spoken to each other, we are always having fun!! 

When I came to Denmark I was only 18 years old, but luckely my sister lived in the same city at that time.

I was also lucky to meet the Madsbjerg family, who took care of me when I needed help (mostly with dinnersEmoji).

They really feel like they are my family as well. Mette became one of my best friends and couldn't imagine my life without her. I love to spend time with Mette, because we always end up laughing a lot!!  Emoji  Even though Denmark feels like my second home, I think I'll end up in Holland. But you never know Emoji

Champions LeagueEmoji

So I'll tell you something about our way to the semi-finals. First of all I'm so proud of our team that we made it this far! Even though we had our ups and downs during the season, we always kept on fighting!Vuist vooraanzicht and that's why I love to play on this team.

We started in a difficult group with FTC, Buducnost and Lublin. But after winning the first two home games, it looked very good for us and we secured our ticket to the second round in Hungary by winning against FTC! I don't think that anyone expected us to play that well, so that was pretty awesome. Lachebekje met open mond en lachende ogenDanser

We were happy with our group in the main round with Sävehof, Thüringer and Vardar. We knew that it never was going to be easy, but we were determinded to reach the semi-finals. After winning closely against Sävehof (Grijnzend gezichtje met lachende ogen) we lost two games in a row against Thüringen and Vardar (great home crowd at both placesApplaus!!) So we needed to step up and we won against Vardar in Ikast(Lachebekje met open mond en lachende ogen) but then we tied against Sävehof (with a very upset coachBoos gezichtje) so we needed to win with by least three goals against Thüringer in our last game.

When I think back of our game against Thüringer I was so nervous, but so calm at the same time (if that makes sense) because I knew everyone was ready to kick ass!! And we didLachebekje met open mond en lachende ogen we won by six!!

As I told you before, I'm so proud of what we reached by now, but we are sooooo hungry for more!! Even though we know we play against last year's winners of the Champions League and it's going to be a difficult game, we never give up!!! NEVER!! Lachebekje met open mond en lachende ogen

I always like to find quotes that inspire me and I found this one on Jessie J's instagram and loved it so much that I wanted to share it. So here is my qoute of the day Emoji

''Surround yourself with the dreamers and doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself.''

Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading it Lachebekje met lachende ogen
Another update coming soon!

V-tekenDik zwart hart Nycke


TEXT: Nycke Groot, centre back of FC Midtjylland