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NEWS REPORT: Feri Kovács becomes a successor of Morten Soubak at the helm of record Austrian champions and is supposed to reinforce the team with young Austrian players

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New coach and new concept at Hypo

After one year at Vienna outskirts Danish born Hypo coach Morten Soubak returns to Brazil. The head of the Brazilian women’s national team, which he led to the world championship title last December in Belgrade, will focus only on the national team, preparing for the “home Olympic Games” 2016 in Rio.

Hypo have already found a successor for Soubak: Hungarian born  Feri Kovács. It is an internal solution, as Kovács (52) was youth coach and assistant coach of the first team of the EHF Champions League record winner before.

Focus on young Austrian players

Alongside with Kovács, Hypo announced their new concept on their website which will be based on giving talented young Austrian players a platform to grow and improve.

“It is a great challenge to form a powerful team mainly with Austrian players. Together with some experienced players we want to continue in the top of European handball,” Kovács was quoted on the Hypo website.

Feri Kovács, who was in charge for the Hypo team for half of a season in 2010 already, will be assisted by Martin Matuschkowitz.

Soubak's presence at the helm of the perennial Austrian champions was part of the concept of the Brazilian federation, which also included many internationals playing for Hypo. This will change from the next season as also Alexandra do Nascimento and Barbara Arenhart announced a move to Romanian side Baia Mare.


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