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NEWS REPORT: 31-year-old Germany goalkeeper signs one-year deal with the Women's EHF FINAL4 participants

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Woltering sticks with Buducnost

Buducnost can breathe a sigh of relief as one of the club’s principal players confirmed that she will stay in Podgorica, despite her initial desire to finish her career and return home at the end of the season and fully commit to the family farm business.

German national team goalkeeper, Clara Woltering (31), signed her fourth year-long contract with the club.

“It was hard to make a decision. It was not easy because of my family, but I feel good in Podgorica, I feel good in this team. I love playing in the atmosphere of “Morača” hall, and that the team be good next season, which were the reasons to stay,” Clara Woltering told ehfCL.com.

Woltering came to Podgorica three seasons ago and has been a key player in the team, proving herself vital on their way to the 2012 Women’s EHF Champions League title. Woltering’s central role in the club culminated in her being named captain of the team two years ago.

A desire to win the title again was decisive and Clara has a chance to do it this season, as well as next season, since the team will be reinforced by right back Katarina Bulatovic.

However, they must put first things first, as Budućnost will take part in the inaugural Women’s EHF FINAL4 in Budapest against Vardar in the semi-final.

“You never know what will happen; everything is possible in the FINAL4. We focus only on Vardar, we are not interested in anything else.

“As for next season, it's great that Katarina Bulatovic is coming back, because she's a great player, but very important also is that most of the team stays together.

“It's much easier to continue to work, because if you have five or six new players, as we had at the beginning of this season, it takes some time to fit everything.

“Now we all know what we are playing in defense and attack and for Katarina it will be easy to fit in, because she knows the players very well,” Woltering concluded.

Before Woltering, contracts were also extended with Dragana Cvijic, Suzana Lazović and Cristina Neagu.

It is confirmed that Macedonian Elena Gjeorgjievska will leave Buducnost at the end of the season and join Romanian team HCM Baia Mare on a one-year contract.

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