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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: German world championship top scorer speaks to ehfcl.com on her transfer to the defending EHF Champions League champions

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Müller: Györ is like FC Barcelona or Bayern Munich

Sometimes life brings new challenges and sometimes those challenges delete everything which was planned before. Susann Müller knows it since some weeks.

After becoming the top scorer of the 2013 world championship in Serbia she had extended her contract at German side HC Leipzig only to receive offers she has not even dreamt of several days later.

Now the 25-year-old German international signed a new contract for Györi Audi ETO KC. The club of reigning Women's EHF Champions League winners pays a transfer fee to Leipzig.

Why she changed her mind, and what she hopes for in the future, Müller explains in this exclusive interview with ehfCL.com.

Junior world champion Müller had started her career in Leipzig, then joined the Danish clubs Aalborg and Randers (where she became Danish champion). The handball life led the left handed shooter to Krim Ljubljana in 2012, where she managed to qualify for the Champions league semi-final against Larvik.

After only one season she returned to Leipzig – now she will leave the German record champions again. Müller signed a three-year contract at the Hungarian powerhouse.

ehfCL.com: Why did you change your mind after you had signed a contract at Leipzig?

Susann Müller: After the world championship I was contacted by Györ and Vardar Skopje – but at this time I had already extended my contract in Leipzig and planned to stay long-termed in my sportive home town. And when it was obvious that Katarina Bulatovic leaves Györ, the gate was open for me. If she had stayed I would not have signed at Györ.

When you get a chance and an offer like this, you cannot say no. Compared to men’s football it is like you are asked by FC Barcelona or Bayern Munich. When you get this opportunity, you do not have to think it over for a long time.

Additionally I really appreciate the way Györ’s coach Ambros Martin works. In my opinion Györ is the most professional women’s handball club in the world.

ehfCL.com: What are your expectations in another country?

Susann Müller: I know countries in this part of Europe from my time in Ljubljana, and I think I can easily adapt to the style of living and playing handball there. To be part of a team like this is a great honour and a great chance to develop. Additionally Hungary – and especially Györ – have the most frenetic and greatest fans of all.

We have a big and vociferous audience in Leipzig, but Györ is something really special. A full arena is guaranteed in every match, the general significance of women’s handball in Hungary and Györ is much higher than anywhere else. Years ago the “land of milk and honey” for top players was Denmark, now it has changed to clubs in South-East Europe.

ehfCL.com: Is there any pressure on your shoulders, as you arrive as the top scorer of the world championship?

Susann Müller: I would not call it pressure, I rather call it a challenge – and in my whole career I loved to take new challenges and adventures. To be one season at Krim was a perfect base for leaving to Györ.

Krim was the ice cream, Györ is the cream on top of the ice. I hope I can fulfill all expectations, but right after my transfer was announced I received a lot of compliments by Hungarian fans via facebook.

ehfCL.com: Your future club will be part of the first ever Women’s EHF Champions League FINAL4 in Budapest. Will Györ manage to defend their title?

Susann Müller: I am quite sure, as they have the best-rehearsed team of those participants – and what is highly important in women’s handball: they have by far the best goalkeeper - Katrine Lunde. From the big names in their squad Vardar Skopje can be a major contender, but they first have to find themselves as a team. So I even expect Buducnost Podgorica to be a little bit stronger.

ehfCL.com: Did you get any advices on Hungary from your national team mate Laura Steinbach, who plays for FTC since the start of this season?

Susann Müller: Not during the negotiations, but now. We talk a lot about the relevance and the atmosphere. So she could help me.

ehfCL.com: If Germany qualify for the EHF EURO, you might play the preliminary round in Hungary. Would you expect some support of Hungarian fans then?

Susann Müller: Definitely, if we do not face Hungary….Thanks to Laura we already had some support by Hungarian fans during the world championship in Serbia, where we played in the same group as Hungary. So it might be nice to play our matches in Hungary.

ehfCL.com: What are your final goals with HC Leipzig?

Susann Müller: After we failed to leave Thüringer HC behind in the domestic championship, we hope to win the German Cup, as the final tournament is hosted by HC Leipzig.

ehfCL.com: And have you already learnt any Hungarian words?

Susann Müller: Yes of course. After I signed my contract in Györ I directly enrolled in a Hungarian language course at the Leipzig University. I know from Denmark and Slovenia that it is so important to know some general sentence or to be able to understand the menu in a restaurant. Although Hungarian is more complicated than Danish I believe I will be on a good way when I move to Györ.

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