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BLOG: ehfTV commentator Tom O Brannagain admits how difficult it was not to get carried away in the euphoria in Poland after Plock defeated Hungarian champions.

Veszprém out fought, out thought, outplayed

"Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war" The famous phrase from Julius Caesar could have been written for the men of Plock yesterday in our match of the week.

You could almost imagine Cadenas, rallying his troops before the biggest game in their history, quoting Shakespeare, minus the toga of course. Or maybe not!

But there is no doubt that as a motivational coach, he is second to none. He loves to allow his players freedom to play, not caught within the narrow confines of set concepts and over-coached ideas. The result of this is that the opposition can be caught off-guard by a team that, on its day, is a match for anyone.

Veszprém, unfortunately for them, became that team. Out fought, out thought and outplayed on the day, they will be happy that the score is the narrowest that it can be when you lose. Once again the echoes of history are ringing in their ears. "Is this another year in the FINAL4 wilderness".

It should have been so different.

It should have been Artists versus Artisans. The creativity and style of Veszprém should have overcome the workmanlike craftsmen of Plock.

But not this day. This day Plock players were the creators and deniers. For the Veszprém team only Nagy, IlIc and Sulic really turned up. Nagy looked incredible.

By contrast, Plock will be inscribing the names of the players on bronze statues throughout the city. Sego was terrible and was replaced by Wichary, who, became a colossus in goal.

Nikcevic out front in defence was determined to stop all. Eklemovic played some super stuff, for the few moment he was on. Nenadic again, equally, thrilled and tormented his coach. Ghionea is a pearl that has been hidden long enough.

But on the day, the two Poles stood head and shoulders above all and sundry... Lijewski and Jurkiewicz were awesome. They belied injury, age and logic to outsmart and outfight Veszprém on every occasion. Their ability to find themselves in the correct place in defence and attack throughout the game was sensational. Plock looked 10 times better when they played tan when they didn't.

But it would be disingenuous to say the others didn't play their part on what will be a momentous day in the history of this club. They have beaten one of the big boys. To their credit, they knew it could and should have been more. But a one goal win, just sometimes feels all the sweeter as Plock, devoid of any more energy when the 60 minutes were played, fell over the line.

What a great weekend for Polish handball. Two wins for them and two home crowds that would send tingles down your spine. It was difficult not to get carried away in the euphoria of it all.

Veszprém should beware the ides of March. Well it's not quite the Ides of March, but it is another quote from Shakespeare and it is March.

On the day of international friendship between two nations, Poland and Hungary, the fans exchanged gifts. This might be the perfect result. Plock win, Veszprém progress after next leg. Everybody is happy.

TEXT: Tom O Brannagain, ehfTV commentator