Montoro: “We can surprise Veszprem"Article
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INTERVIEW: The Spanish giant of Orlen Wisla Plock admits the underdog's role against Veszprem, but refuses to give in beforehand.

Montoro: “We can  surprise Veszprem"

His 210 cm, 105 kg and feet of size 50 are his first cover letter. Angel Montoro is the most recent transfer of Wisla Plock. He arrived in the Polish city in February, after his quick pass through French League with FENIX Toulouse.

On Sunday, Montoro and his team will play the most important game of the season, against Veszprem. The first leg of the Last 16 encounter between two Spanish coaches (Manolo Cadenas vs Carlos Ortega) is also the Match of the Week with a live English commentary of Tom O Brannagain on ehfTV.

All pressure on Veszprem

Wisla Plock finished fourth in Group  B and they know that the favourite team of this knock-out tie is the Hungarian team. For that reason, the Polish side will have nothing to lose and everything to win.

“In the last weeks we played bad games in the Polish league and in the Champions League, especially against Kielce, because we had a lot of injuries and it was very difficult to continuously working. But now, we are all at 100% and with very positive emotions for the game,” Montoro explained in the exclusive interview for

The Spanish player is very sober with the possibilities of his team.

“Veszprem are a super team with very good players and for that reason the pressure is on their side, as they are highly touted for a FINAL4 ticket. We have to take advantage of playing the first game at home. We can surprise and pass to the next round.”

Finally united

The story behind Montoro's arrival to river Vistula was very simple as coach Manolo Cadenas wanted him in his team, and Montoro desired to be trained by Cadenas. But it took a while until both meet in the same team.

“When I was in the second team of Ademar León, Cadenas was the coach of the first team. But when I step up to the first team, he went to Barcelona. The season I came to Barcelona, he left the team and went to Granollers,” said Cadenas.

Both wanted to work together but it was not possible until now and here.

“Come to Wisla Plock is a long shot, but hopefully successful.”

Progress tangible in one month time

This 2014 did not begin well for Montoro, because he did not stay at the EHF EURO for an injury in his back, and in Toulouse he was not comfortable. But with his transfer to Wisla Plock he started a new stage in his sporting life.

“In Toulouse I did not adapt with the team, and the team did not adapt to me. We always train technical and not tactical, and for me it was very difficult, because I’m 210 centimetres.

“The French handball philosophy is not good for my game. Nowadays in Wisla I scored more goals and I played better in defence in one month than in six months in Toulouse. My life has did a 180 degree turn,” says Montoro.

The Spanish player began a new life in Plock, 2,800 kilometres away from his town, Toledo. But in the Polish city they finds some things that resemble his country.

“Unlike France, Poland is more like Spain. For example, when I go to the supermarket I can buy tuna fish of a Spanish brand,” joked Montoro.

The Wisla Plock right back has an obsession before every match. He needs to put himself the socks which he plays at home, not in the changing room. Next Sunday, against Veszprem, he will do it again.

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