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BLOG: One of Veszprem's most influential players and brilliant goalscorers shares his thoughts on the first knockout round and his recent personal struggles with injury

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Entering a lion's den

Hi there, handball fans! 

I hope you are OK and enjoyed the action-packed first half of the season. I guess you are as thrilled as I am before the VELUX EHF Champions League Last 16 throws off. In my second blog post, I will speak my mind about the Last 16 as well as some personal stuff. 

Unfortunate (and wacky) injuries 

I have always been a fit guy, who never had to spend too much time out of the court. Thank God I have been lucky enough to escape serious injuries, so this past couple of months were pure torture for me. In the frame of two months I suffered two minor knee injuries that were grave enough to keep me out of action for the EHF EUROs and some important fixtures with Veszprém. Am I getting old? No, that can’t be it!

Apart from my injuries, we are having a great year on and off the court. We won our group against prestigious opponents and reclaimed first spot in the Hungarian championship. We also had a chance to bond with our teammates when we organised a traditional pigsticking feast, which turned out to be a blast. It was a brand new experience for our Spanish players who seemed to have had a great time. 

Music helps me to focus 

I love music. I’m not picky, anything goes in my MP3 player or the radio. I am a commuter, since I live in Budapest with my family, which is about an hour’s drive from Veszprém, so I spend a lot of time in my car. I love listening to music while driving and it also helps me to get in mood before games. 

Sometimes I put on my headphones and listen to my kind of music but there’s also a set of speakers which we take turns to connect our devices to. Before games there’s always loud music playing in our locker room.  When it comes to crucial games I usually listen to chillout music before. This is a tradition I’ve had for quite a long time. 

Big games coming up 

I’d better keep my batteries charged for handball, too, because those crucial games are coming. Veszprém were drawn to face Orlen Wisla Plock, who play excellent handball, based on tough defence. Although most people consider us favourites we have to be humble and 100% fit, both phisically and mentally. Plock have a wonderful crowd and splendid players, but we know we are entering a lion’s den. 

There will be other interesting duels, one even in Hungary, with Zaporozhye hosting Kiel in Györ due to the sad things happening in Ukraine. I wonder what would have been the result if Veszprém didn’t have to travel to Ukraine in the last round. Anyway, maybe we will have a chance to travel to Györ and watch the game. 

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed the read,

László Nagy

TEXT: László Nagy, MKB-MVM Veszprém right back